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I choo choo choose you….

If you’ve ever  watched The Simpsons- chances are you’ve seen the “I choo choo choose” you episode.  It’s a little heartbreaking, but oh so funny.  And just saying that line on the card card cracks me up everytime.   Steve even made me a copy of the card for our first valentines day!

Who knew- 2.5 years later we’d be having our wedding reception at a train station!  🙂

In case anyone is interested in putting Union Station in charge of your wedding day transportation- you can check out  the Orange County Line schedule here.  Just to warn you- on the weekends- metrolink is good for the ride UP to Los Angeles, but you have to take Amtrak home.  The Amtrak surfliner schedule is available here.

Please don’t buy a round trip ticket in Irvine, or you’ll just have to buy more once you get to LA… (not that we haven’t done that before… twice.)