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Have a very STEAMIE Christmas! [2014]

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

Happy Holidays

Here’s some excerpts from the mini-photo shoot for out holiday cards this year.  It was quite chilly & breezy & our little E was a bit camera shy, preferring to try to run off and play rather than sit & pose, but they still turned out darling.  Love that little FACE.

EverlyLeafRomperOutReachShmilesside looksmilesSnugglessquishMamalookingshoes

I made her little romper the night before using this pattern from Etsy.  The fabric I had snatched up at Joann’s back in September when I went shopping for Halloween costume fixings.    It’s a little loose still, but OH SO FUN!

*photos taken in and around the Boathouse Collective I saw a review with one picture of the exterior & instantly knew I wanted to hang out with all that corrugated metal!


Steamie Kitchen- Re Do!

It’s no secret the kitchen at the Steamie House has been on the To-do list for quite some time.  We’ve discussed what we’d want, and day dreamed & hoped. (and saved and saved and saved)   And then, it just hit us, along with the bottoms of the existing drawers falling out & spilling silverware all over my feet… IT’S TIME.

Time to Demo,  time to renovate!
We talked more about what we wanted, I drew up some plans, and then we met with contractors.  What did we learn?  Well, of course, we learned nearly any details I wanted to see in the kitchen required custom cabinetry.  haha… Poor us.   I think often of Steve, and how he happily entered into marriage with an architect- not realizing it would just plague us forever.  The perils of being an architect – high end dreams, without a high end budget!
Universally the word “custom” means “costs more” but in the end, I think we found a contractor that is a good fit- they build their cabinets custom for all jobs… so they are used to that, which means, we get our custom sized & shaped cabinets!  Hooray for enabling my crackpot schemes of appliance garages & cabinets reaching to the ceiling!  (Simple wishes, yet somehow too tricky for the readily available prefab cabinets!)
We’ve documented the before (pictures below) and with demolition wrapping up this week, we’re just entering the “during”.  But the “after” will come, and then we can revisit- hopefully with pictures of said custom cabinets, perfectly fitting all our functional and aesthetic dreams.  haha.  Fingers crossed!
Also- pinners be warned….  as one contractor told us, pinterest is a black hole of wishes that are far too costly to come true!  but man… it’s still fun to stare at & pin the pretty kitchens that someone some other people can afford.  haha.  C’est la Vie.  And who knows,  maybe later our custom cabinets may end up pinned somewhere haunting some poor sap who doesn’t know that custom is a bad (for the budget) word.
​Here’s some “Before” pics:
This is the view from the Living room.  Goodbye strange closet- thank you for holding everything from serving ware, gift wrap and party supplies, to cleaning supplies and light bulbs.  ​
Steve saving goodbye to his the kitchen in his own way….
Here’s some progress shots of the demo day 1!
View of the exterior wall all exposed!

Steamie does the Kidney Walk

This past weekend Team Steamie joined my office for the

National Kidney Foundation walk in LA. (And the Laker Girls joined as well)


This wasn’t the first 5k we’ve taken Everly to, however it was the first one that was a “walk” not a run, and the first since she’s been old enough to prefer to walk over stroll.

So….. she walked, and danced, and was carried, all while we managed the stroller (empty) through the crowds!  haha.

Here’s some dancing with Daddy:



Merry [Steamie] Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

For those not yet in the know; Steve + Jamie = Steamie

We are so thankful for this past year & look forward to the upcoming holidays with the greatest of cheer!

We’re excited to be able to visit with our family & friends, to deck the house with our (now) standing tradition of two Christmas trees & lights galore.

It’s crazy to think we’ve already wrapped up our first year & are well into year two… time to count our second christmas as a married couple.  The year of firsts was so special, we got excited for each “this is our first married…. [fill in the holiday/activity]”  But it’s kind of fun to be onto our second; and seeing what will become a tradition for us and what other new adventures we can come up with.

If you are curious of what we’ve been up to in the past year & since the wedding- rather than a recap in this post- just scroll on back through the archives for some of the many highlights of our Steamie Life!  Granted- the blog might be a little biased toward projects & furniture (I can’t help myself sometimes!) but there’s plenty of travel, parties & just random updates too.

But first- here’s a little behind the scenes on the making of our Christmas card!

First- design a mock up:

Then mass produce:

Then mail to all our favorite people!

Merry Christmas! 

One Steamie year!

The weekend of October 2nd we celebrated One Year of wedded bliss!

It truly has been an AMAZING year for us!   In brainstorming plans to celebrate our 1st anniversary, we noted that our standing tickets to the USC game called for an early game on Saturday the 1st, so we took that as a sign to make an LA weekend out of our anniversary celebration. We booked a suite at the same hotel we stayed at during our wedding weekend- the Los Angeles Athletic Club!     We had such a blast staying with our family & friends on our big day- we couldn’t wait to go back & recapture some of that.

Fight on Steamie!

After the SC game- we checked into our suite cleaned up, headed out to celebrate 1 year of Steamie!

We tried happy hour at some spots downtown- and then headed over for dinner at Bottega Louie.  We were NOT the only SC fans in the house- the place was brimming with cardinal & gold.  We got a cozy two seat table- and proceeded to pace out our dining by ordering in phases…

1st drinks,

then Bruschetta,

french onion soup,

an entree,

a pizza,

And of course some colorful macaroons to-go!

Yes- that was a lot to order, but we shared everything, and it was all quite scrumptious!

We were so full after dinner we decided to head back to the hotel before enjoying a night on the town.  But much to our surprise – when we arrived back in our room there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us…

so instead of heading out to a crowded downtown bar- we took that bottle up to the roof deck for beautiful views & romantic champagne toasts.

It was a gorgeous night- just chilly enough to be cozy – but so gorgeous to sit & watch the city lights around us & reflect back on our year together!

“They” always say the first year is the hardest, and I sure hope that’s true- and we’re LUCKY that one was pretty darn easy!  We of course have learned a lot more about each other this year, like Steve learned how I long for a clean garage, and I’ve learned a lot more about fantasy football. (ya know, among other things!). We’ve  had so many fun adventures & many life changes, moving in together, turning 30 & 35, me switching jobs, tearing out our backyard, picking out oodles of furniture, the list goes one.  It’s been busy, but  this year has been a wonderful  time of growing our plans for the future, and sharing the fun of making our home & daily life together.

The rest of the weekend we played tourist & visited the Griffith Observatory (our first time there together, and my first time seeing the planetarium show!)

& then we headed home with a stop to sample a “Moscow Mule” at Chapter One in Santa Ana!

Cheers to our 1st anniversary, and to many more to come!

30 Flirty & Fabulous!

First of all- Team Steamie is now both officially in their 30s. Steve’s been there for a few *coughfivecough* years already- but it was my turn to enter the 4th decade.

Since it’s somewhat of a milestone birthday- we wanted to have a proper celebration. I wanted to keep it simple & have a fun dinner party at our house with friends. I had a vision of a super LOOOOONG table & twinkle lights. And that’s about all the input I gave. Steve took my suggestions and ran with it. I had NO idea how much effort he put into planning- and was so blown away by all the fun details he put together for me.

Before I get into the recap of the festivites- let’s just point out that I felt SO special by the end of the night. I got to see nearly all my favorite friends in one place, there were a million personal touches and I could tell that Steve (with the help of his awesome parents & my fab friends) put a lot of work into the party, and it just felt great. Warm fuzzies all around! 🙂

OK- now for the pictures. Since Steve arranged for a party to be photographed by his former staff member-Tamara- we have lots of fun photos of the event- and I didn’t even have to get out my camera!

Details: I’ll just give you the tour as if you were walking into the party.

First up- find your “button”. Steve sneakily crafted up personalized buttons with each party guests name & a corresponding “Pantone” color. Mine was “B-Day Gray”! Love it!


20111014-211302.jpgThen each guest could fill out a raffle ticket with “one word to describe Jamie”!



Up next was the photo wall! Everyone got to pose with the Pantone color chip as a backdrop. Cheese!


Then guests were free to enjoy the party decor & food. Audrey had photoshopped a “Jamie Timeline” with littlephotos & notes about some of my favorite things and adventures. Some of my faves were- back to the future & the magic carpet ride!


Steve had cut out about a million Vespas! Meep meep! These were sewn together by his mom & hung up as party garland! Loved it!


Keeping with the Pantone color chip theme were the yummy cookies & carrot cake cupcakes!


Outside there was a bar (complete with friendly bartender) featuring the “Jamitini”- and it was mighty tasty!


Also outside was my actual birthday request – the LOooooooNG table & twinkly lights. Steve & his dad worked our all the details on constructing the frame to hold up the canopy of lights. Once the sun went down- it was magical!


Also out back- the food! Yummy taco cart kept us all well fed!

Everyone mixed & mingled. It was a great way to celebrate my 30th year. I even got some out of town guests- Robb & Molly made it all the way from Tahoe. & some little guests- the petite Jevers’ kept us all entertained.




The giant Pantone color chip cake was extra tasty- & we enjoyed it under the twinkly lights.


I got to read out all the one word descriptions of me- most of which were perfect & hysterical. Then I selected the raffle winner. The prize? A mini vespa of course!


After the cake- there was one last surprise! Steve is obviously really great at thoughtful surprises. I sat with my eyes closed in the living room while steve revealed my b-day gift! He (and his dad) refurbished a vintage Scwhinn bike- compete with a fabulously bold paint job & custom installation of a mailbox on the back! Yay! We had seen a photo of something similar way back in the spring and I saved it as a hopeful “to-do” project. They made it for me. Such a fun gift!


Spoiling me even further- inside the mailbox was a card revealing more presents- annual passes to the San Diego zoo & wild animal park, Annual passes to Disneyland & lunch at Club 33! If this is what it’s like to be 30- sign me up!

As people said their goodbyes J,J & A stayed late enough for a champagne toast at midnight- officially ringing in my birthday.

The following day we met up with my cousin Amanda & paddled around the Newport harbor- soaking in the sun & feeling the burn in our muscles!

Again- how could I ever thank Steve enough for all this fabulousness? I suppose I have plenty of years ahead to treat him to great things too!

Thank you to all my friends & family for an awesome birthday season!

Take me out to the Ball Game..

Team Steamie’s first Angel’s game of the year!

As part of a volunteer trip with the JLOCC, I got a behind the scenes tour of the stadium & press box.  Then after that we both got the perk of attending the Angels game!  We had fun seats up with the JLOCC folks, and then(at the 7th inning stretch) moved down to visit the GOOD seats!  🙂

Go Halo’s!