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we have stripes!

I’m a major blog reader.  I have about 4+ design related blogs that I’ll peek in on each day.  One of my long time fav’s is Design*Sponge.  After seeing this post on their DIY Wednesdays a while back- I made a mental note to try that pattern out somewhere in the house!

So with my resolve to tackle the “steamie house” to-do list, Friday night- after dinner out with friends- we came home, and I set to work taping up the wall in our bathroom.  It’s a small space- and was stark white.  It definitely needed some pizazz!   It took  a little extra tape (because mid way through- I realized I wanted it sectioned off differently) lucky for me the hubs had an extra roll of painter tape in his car!

Phase one:  TAPE complete…

Saturday morning- we did a quick jog over to meet out friends at the finish line of their half marathon!  After lunching with them (gotta refuel after that kind of a race!) I ventured to home depot to pick out my shades of gray!  And then I commenced with the painting.  My loving hubby was watching football, but periodically came to check on me & my progress.  Bringing diet coke, and snapping a few progress pics!

Phase two: start painting the first color…  (Yes, I’m wearing my official painting jeans (I’ve had since college) and my Wasatch Brew Pub mock turtleneck!)

Phase three:  finish painting the 2nd color….

Phase four:  sit around for an hour letting the paint dry a bit  then peel off the paint!!!  Photograph & upload!