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Steamie Kitchen- Re Do!

It’s no secret the kitchen at the Steamie House has been on the To-do list for quite some time.  We’ve discussed what we’d want, and day dreamed & hoped. (and saved and saved and saved)   And then, it just hit us, along with the bottoms of the existing drawers falling out & spilling silverware all over my feet… IT’S TIME.

Time to Demo,  time to renovate!
We talked more about what we wanted, I drew up some plans, and then we met with contractors.  What did we learn?  Well, of course, we learned nearly any details I wanted to see in the kitchen required custom cabinetry.  haha… Poor us.   I think often of Steve, and how he happily entered into marriage with an architect- not realizing it would just plague us forever.  The perils of being an architect – high end dreams, without a high end budget!
Universally the word “custom” means “costs more” but in the end, I think we found a contractor that is a good fit- they build their cabinets custom for all jobs… so they are used to that, which means, we get our custom sized & shaped cabinets!  Hooray for enabling my crackpot schemes of appliance garages & cabinets reaching to the ceiling!  (Simple wishes, yet somehow too tricky for the readily available prefab cabinets!)
We’ve documented the before (pictures below) and with demolition wrapping up this week, we’re just entering the “during”.  But the “after” will come, and then we can revisit- hopefully with pictures of said custom cabinets, perfectly fitting all our functional and aesthetic dreams.  haha.  Fingers crossed!
Also- pinners be warned….  as one contractor told us, pinterest is a black hole of wishes that are far too costly to come true!  but man… it’s still fun to stare at & pin the pretty kitchens that someone some other people can afford.  haha.  C’est la Vie.  And who knows,  maybe later our custom cabinets may end up pinned somewhere haunting some poor sap who doesn’t know that custom is a bad (for the budget) word.
​Here’s some “Before” pics:
This is the view from the Living room.  Goodbye strange closet- thank you for holding everything from serving ware, gift wrap and party supplies, to cleaning supplies and light bulbs.  ​
Steve saving goodbye to his the kitchen in his own way….
Here’s some progress shots of the demo day 1!
View of the exterior wall all exposed!

Steamie House

A sweet surprise from our photo shoot for Everly were all the little snippets of our house Kristin captured when she was here!  I wasn’t expecting it, but I really love seeing the bits of our house that seemed to have caught her eye!

First: The MOOSE.  the only item that adorns the wall above the couch in the family room.


This little corner of the dining room


The light fixture in our entryway (gee, someone should really dust that!)


Everly’s “E” on our book shelf in the study, along side a majong game from Shanghai and vintage construction books from my grandfather.


The little airstream piggy bank with our (hopefully, continually growing) collection of travel books


A fabulous coffeetable book, and rad photobooth pictures from my cousin’s wedding. (we call this one “the birds and the bees”).


A picture of my grandparents on the shores of lake Michigan rests in front of the Neutra book that Steve gave my on my birthday the first year we started dating.  He initially presented me with a bike pump in the beginning of the date, and just as he dropped me off at home- sprung this beauty on me.  That’s pretty much when I knew he was a keeper (and totally one to scheme up surprises!)


This little dachshund toy- I bought in Italy on our honeymoon!


The crib/mobile/triangles of the nursery- with our little nugget squirming away!


I love the images of our little family on our bed- and sneaking in the back our “head board” of frames collected from family and flea markets, we painted the same color as our wall.



Ok…  At first it was just a little fun wish list.   Some fun retro chairs for the dining room…  Then just a cozy chair to serve as a reading nook & pop of color… then to fill in the empty spot in the front room.

But clearly somewhere along the way we’ve become collectors.  I’d say 24 chairs counts as a collection right?

Yesterday’s acquisition of 10 (yes TEN) vintage Harry Bertoia diamond chairs pushed us from simply furnishing our home and yard– to full on chair hoarders.

Evidence below:


And it must be noted, of the 24 chairs below, all but 5 came to us via Craigslist!  ( of the non-CL 5: 2 were ebay, 1 a wedding gift, 1 a $5 yard sale find, and 1 a family hand me down ).

Steamie house, by the numbers…

A while back we ordered these awesome house numbers. In a fit of productivity this weekend- we finally mounted them on the siding!
We also were able to get a pole for the flag- just in time for the 4th of July week coming up.
Steamie house gets patriotic.


stick ons

So we’ve seen these awesome Bilk decals online before, but never thought much about how we could incorporate one into our house. But thankfully, Santa brought us a sweet Eames inspired decal for Christmas. We LOVED the pattern, but with the business of the new year, it took a while before we were able to put it up in the house.

Finally- I got an itch to install! Our dining room is a pretty cheery spot, lots of light, and a great table and chairs, but minimally decorated… Aka, lots of white wall space. I looked a the pattern, and the installation instructions and proceeded to tape the pieces on the wall. We let it sit for a day or two before actually peeling & sticking… Still unsure if we were ready to commit to such a bold addition.


The taped up pieces were fun, but paled in comparison to how awesome the decals actually look when fully applied. They really look like painted on designs.

It adds great color to the space, and does an excellent job of filling up the high wall, showcasing the volume of the room, (without being too dominant or over crowding).


Plus- it just looks pretty sweet with the pantone chairs!

Little Grey House

We arrived home to this Saturday Night:

So we eagerly awaited the arrival of the morning so we could see the finished product.  With the final paint & cleanup=  Steamie house exterior update (phase one) is complete!

Now onto phase 2- painting & THE YARD!

wrap it up

The Steamie House got its wrap on. The building paper & waterproofing is in place.  The siding should start going up today, then finished up Thursday and get painted on friday!

Here’s a progress picture snapped before I headed out to work this morning:

Also, totally unrelated but we drove by this beetle all dolled up the other day… too fun!  Love the little stickers on luggage up top!  Beep Beep!