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splash of color…

With march madness, weekends in the Steamie House this month have been filled with the sights & sounds of many a college basketball game.   What better indoor accompaniment to watching endless hours of TV?  crafting!  YAY!  (Yes, I’m aware I’m a little extra excited about any of our crafty projects around the house… but I like to make things!)

A quick visit to my fav discount fabric store- Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley- and I returned home with a bundle of fabrics.  Some were for a top secret sewing project (to be revealed later) and others- for new very bright, bold & fabulous pillows for our couch!

Here’s a few fabrics I snapped pics of (taken to text to Mr. Steamie for input, of course!).  All these patterns are Alexander Henry Fabrics (I think…)


Sort of over sized paisley…

And the winner (winning!)- with a great mix of print colors, and some more organic patterns (which I think tie in well with the curtains)

So after deconstructing the existing pillows, washing the fabric, measuring, cutting, ironing, sewing AND stuffing..

Ta da!

here’s a pic of them all on the couch!  (again- now we just need art on the walls above the couch!)

**(sorry all the pics are from my iphone… so they might be a little grainy!)



I might go back a little in time to show some of the “making of” of the wedding goodies…. but for now we can just talk about one thing- that garland!

I have been semi-obsessed with sewing paper goods (as evident in the thank you cards we just sent out last week!).

In my pillaging of craft stores in early months of 2010, I came to own a GIANT hole punch. I think it’s a 2′ diameter punch. It was used primarily for the center of the table numbers, but then since I had it, and I had fabulous paper (also from the table numbers)- I punched, and punched with reckless abandon.

I took the punched colored paper in batches of 12-25… and then sewed them together using a contrasting thread to create a simple, yet colorful, garland.   The garland was used on each of the guest tables and the sweets table.

Since the wedding, my handiwork has been in a clump in the garage. Yesterday it dawned on me that it could be put to another use!