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but they’re Ethan Allen…

This is why the old dining room chairs are nice, in theory…   I have to give them credit, they are very well made. Sturdy as can be. But, I just think the fabric on them is a little out of date.  That, and they have been well used-  the paint is highly scuffed & worn (and not in the “shabby chic” sorta way).    I LOVE that we have them for extra seating, but they aren’t quite up to par with our vision for the dining room!

Enter IKEA fabric.

ON a shopping trip for another purpose- I couldn’t help but oogle the fun prints that IKEA has on their by-the-yard fabrics.  2 yards somehow made their way home with me… and once they arrived home- they were promptly put to work.

See some progress of the de-plaid-ing, and the staple fun style re-upholstering.

Here is the finished cushion.

The next step will be to sand & paint the chair frames.  Then- they will be happily invited to join us at the dining table!