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Steamie in the desert, but it’s a dry heat…

Team Steamie took a mini-break to Palm Springs to visit with the fam.  It was a house full of Mr & Mrs. Ks.  The Original (Steve’s parents), us (Team Steamie!) and then newlyweds (Andy & Brit).  We just got to visit Steve’s Grandma, and then we hit up nearly every open house in town.  Just browsing & day dreaming.

The drive out was a bizarre winter wonderland of snow outside of Beaumont (it was cccccold)…  then on into the desert- it warmed up- and the WIND was blowing…

With my new sis- in law- we braved posing with this very different Easter display.

Then we hit up the vintage furniture shops on Palm Canyon Drive.  So much awesomeness- but also too much $$$.  Oh well.  Maybe another excursion to the Rose Bowl flea market is more in line with our budget.

This planter wall is an awesome inspirational design (now how can we recreate something like this in our upcoming backyard remodel?)

We finished out the weekend with fabulous cocktail hour at the Viceroy Hotel.  Mmmmm….