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Steamie + Moms take Chicago

After my five years as a student and 6+ years as a season ticket holder I’ve seen countless wins, losses, seen some amazing plays and even mobs rushing the field. I’d say I’ve had quite my fill of USC Football. Over the years I’ve learned and gleefully participated in every USC football tradition possible; save tommy nights, pep rallies, marching behind the band down Trousdale, pictures with traveler, and countless tailgates with alumni, family and friends. However, there was one tradition (that comes every other year) I longed to participate in… hitting the road for the big game against Notre Dame!

After years of pining we had the good fortune of access to 4 tickets to the 2011 game at Norte Dame! Since we currently have 3 tix (for me, my mom and Steve) we instantly had three for our trip. And luckily we soon found someone interested in our extra ticket; Steve’s mom! Thus Steamie + Moms take Chicago!

The tradition of the USC @ Notre Dame game includes a stay in Chicago for the weekend… We booked a hotel in downtown Chicago, just off the magnificent mile & in walking distance of most everything a quick weekend trip to Chi town would entail. We arrived Friday and started the adventures right away by taking the train from O’hare to our hotel. We got off to a great start by asking a cop in the train station for directions-and he gave us directions and walked right onto the train (we didn’t even buy a ticket!)


We got settled into our hotel & headed out to meet up with Chicago local Noreen & check out the USC pep rally. It was so much fun to see everyone running around wearing their USC gear! We felt right at home.  We checked out the pep Rally and even spotted the USC band practicing along the river front.  After, we strolled up Michigan Ave, and then headed out for “chicago style” Pizza at Pizzeria UNO.  Pizza and salads were amazing after a long day of travel.

Saturday was Game Day, but since it was a night game we had more time to explore the City.  We walked down to Millennium Park… to scope out the BEAN and the amphitheater.     It apparently was also “Fashion Week” so we had a little detour checking out the cool clothes and accessories in the tents.

We even got to demonstrate our best runway walks…


In millennium Park…


Then is was off to Notre Dame!  We were lucky to join friends in a van with a driver- so it was a fun relaxed ride the couple of hours to campus.  Once there we’re were greeted repeatedly “Welcome to Notre Dame”… I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was- given how clearly we were decked out in the opposing teams colors!

We toured the campus…


Visited the library-with the “Touchdown Jesus” Mural…


Mom scoping out the campus…


Similar to USC the band gathers on campus to play- and then leads the march to the Stadium… there was less beer & different school colors… but it felt very familiar!    I got caught up in the moment & joined in singing along with their fight song!  Whoops!


Steamie in the Stadium!


Me and my mom!


Here’s how the Library mural looks from inside the stadium— this is when it really looks like a Touchdown!


It was a LATE night- it took at least a hour to just get out of the parking lot- and then hit the road back into Chicago- we slept as best we could on the bumpy ride home… Thankfully it was a stellar game- so at least we were happy fans for the long ride home.

Sunday we made the most of the morning before our flight home.  We took the architectural boat tour- a great way to see the city & get a little architecture lesson on the river.  We met up with all the Gorski’s for lunch at Navy Pier, and we hopped over to the Sears Willis Tower for a trip up to the skydeck!

View UP from the Street…


View out from the top…



Steamie in the Sky Deck!


Steve & his Mom!


It was a FABULOUS trip- great to see the city, the game, and to explore together!