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house numbers… let me count the ways

We’re in the process of getting approval from our friendly neighborhood HOA  to replace the decaying 70’s diagonal siding on the house- with new horizontal siding.  Complete with a new paint scheme & hopefully front door- the Steamie House will be getting some new curb appeal.

But what good is the new & improved front facade, if people can’t tell which address we are?  Right now giving our numbered address is almost pointless… the curbs painted number is nearly worn off, and the existing house number is a filigreed mess… not helping the look of the front of the house- nor really giving anyone an idea of which house number we are!  It did serendipitously have a “K” already on it… but I think we’re O.K. letting it go!

So the hunt for a replacement began.  Much like this article from Design Milk… there are a LOT of great, modern options for house numbers. We opted for the Neutra Styled numbers- but not from DWR- good ol Amazon.com came in handy.  Shortly after a 4″ vs 6″ debate, and subsequent cancel & reorder the 6″ numbers arrived in the mail!  (Looks pretty nice, even on the coffee table)

Now we can’t wait for the old number (and siding) to come down- so our new 15 can go up!