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american pickers…

My favorite weekend mornings usually begin with a little plog with my hubby.  (p.s. a PLOG is plod+ jog).  The hub’s is much faster than I am, but he’s nice & will go at my pace… occasionally pushing me to go faster here & there.  One day, I’m hoping I can keep up at his pace!

But this Saturday it was threatening to rain, and we were debating if we wanted to head out for a run, risking a soggy return home, or maybe I’d just head to the gym.  We decided to just brave the skies… and it was a fortunate turn of events for the Steamie House’s storage needs.

Just as we set out around the corner from the house, we spotted a bank of metal lockers sitting curbside at a neighbors house.  a little sign taped on read, “free”.  We were just breaking into our running stride, but that little sign called to me!  they were lockers, they were free… we needed them!  (hmm… maybe I have been watching too much American Pickers)

Right about then it started sprinkling.  But undeterred, we turned around- back to the house to get the truck & pick up our found treasure.  We loaded into the truck bed & pulled into the driveway just at the rain started really coming down.  The rain gave the lockers a nice clean up.  I toweled them dry in the garage, and started brainstorming how to make them fit in the guest bedroom.   They were in great condition.  Score!   (We eventually did get to go for a run- and the rain cleared up- so we stayed outside to play a little disk golf too!)  double yay.

after their towel off in the garage…

Later in the afternoon on Sunday, I rearranged the dresser/shelf action to make room for the lockers- the boys (steve & his dad) lugged the beast into place.  Try moving something with 18 swinging metal doors- it’s no simple (nor quiet) feat.   Once in place, I loaded it up- trying my best to make it both pretty and functional- now there are books, and craft supplies galore in there.  There are a few empty spaces still for more organization & room to grow!

happy in their new home!

Special shout out to my father-in-law for coming armed with power tools- when it turns out I didn’t really need them… but hey- look how cute the new curtains look in our living room turned out (and please, pay no attention to our dirt lot back yard!)

happy curtains + sunshine!