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Putting the KNOLL in Knollmiller…

When I first met Steve & learned of his last name, I immediately asked if he realized his name is a combination of two major (& competitor) furniture companies.  He did NOT know that, but since, he has become well versed in the furniture produced by both companies.

To catch everyone else up… here’s a little furniture production history for you…


In 1946 Florence & Hans Knoll founded Knoll Associates- what has become known simply as Knoll today…  Hans came from a German furniture manufacturing family & Florence was trained as a space planner & architect.  Together they worked to bring the furniture creations of architects & other designers to production in American production.  Knoll brought in the architects & had them develop furniture lines.  Many of these pieces are still in production (and high demand) today.


Herman Miller started out as the Star furniture company in 1905, and became “Herman Miller” in 1923.  In response to the great depression- the manufacturing company decided to move away from traditional furniture production to “to focus on products better suited to the changing needs and life styles of Americans”  – This worked out well for us- since with that shift in focus, came the addition of George Nelson as a style director- and the production of Charles & Ray Eames molded plywood furniture.  Thank you Herman Miller!

So, while I’m still waiting for someone from Knoll to call me & commission a line of furniture, Team Steamie has been busy- hunting down some of those iconic items produced by knoll & herman miller.

We recently found one such piece.

The Saarinen Side Table was designed for Knoll be Finnish Architect Eero Saarinen.  From the Knoll website, “In a 1956 cover story in Time magazine, Eero Saarinen said he was designing a collection to “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home.” Later that year, he completed his Pedestal Table and Tulip™ Chair Collection (1956) and obliterated the “slum” by creating a cast aluminum base inspired by a drop of high-viscosity liquid. This table is manufactured by Knoll® according to the original and exacting specifications of the designer. Made in Italy.

Yet again, Craigslist is an amazing service.  Steve found this authentic Knoll piece in someone adorably mid-century apartment in Costa Mesa.  They were happy to hear it was going to a good (albeit, slightly furniture obsessed) home.