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color me valentine…

Team Steamie’s first married Valentines Day.  It’s really nice to have a forever valentine.  We talked about it a bit though- while we’re lovey dovey & lucky that we we take the time to remind each other we care daily,  having a day dedicated to doing just that is still pretty fun.

Like most things- we made a weekend of it… spreading a little valentines fun throughout the weekend.

First- Color Me Valentine.  I always want to go paint strange pottery items at Color Me Mine, but generally Steve doesn’t seem to want to join in!  haha- I can’t imagine why not.   But he’s a sweety & surprised me with a gift card (enough for BOTH of us to play) for Christmas.  Saturday we cashed in.  We picked something functional- and teamed up on painting a little tea pot.  I painted the pot & Steve painted the lid. (totally equal team work!) In true Team Steamie style, there will be stripes, polka-dots & even a surprise heart inside!  We’ll get to pick it up next week all fired & glazed and… we’ll get to see what the paint colors really look like !  🙂

p.s. Steve’s so hard at work being an artist!

Sunday we made a simple, but yummy dinner & then some of TJ’s famous “reduced guilt brownies”  – formerly known as “no-pudge”  (wonder why they changed the name)    I made them in a heart baking pan, and added a little v-day flare of conversation hearts.  Served it up on one of our vintage cake stands left over from the sweets table at the wedding!  Voila- heart brownie fabulousness.

Steve picked me up some flowers- so there were happy tulips waiting for me when I got back from my outing to the Rose Bowl flea market in the morning!  I LOVE tulips!

Tonight we’re heading to dinner at The Arches in Newport- updates to follow & hopefully a cute non-iphone pic of us too- celebrating our third valentines day together.  (Also- I’ll try no to think about today also serving as my 1/2 birthday- meaning the 6 months to thirty countdown is on! eeek!)