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I might go back a little in time to show some of the “making of” of the wedding goodies…. but for now we can just talk about one thing- that garland!

I have been semi-obsessed with sewing paper goods (as evident in the thank you cards we just sent out last week!).

In my pillaging of craft stores in early months of 2010, I came to own a GIANT hole punch. I think it’s a 2′ diameter punch. It was used primarily for the center of the table numbers, but then since I had it, and I had fabulous paper (also from the table numbers)- I punched, and punched with reckless abandon.

I took the punched colored paper in batches of 12-25… and then sewed them together using a contrasting thread to create a simple, yet colorful, garland.   The garland was used on each of the guest tables and the sweets table.

Since the wedding, my handiwork has been in a clump in the garage. Yesterday it dawned on me that it could be put to another use!