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Take me out to the Ball Game..

Team Steamie’s first Angel’s game of the year!

As part of a volunteer trip with the JLOCC, I got a behind the scenes tour of the stadium & press box.  Then after that we both got the perk of attending the Angels game!  We had fun seats up with the JLOCC folks, and then(at the 7th inning stretch) moved down to visit the GOOD seats!  🙂

Go Halo’s!


Are you ready for some football?

Oh the shame of our wedding date falling on a HOME USC game. (Check the schedule here).  We tried to work around it- but hey- when the Cathedral tells you their availability- you listen!  🙂

So, the USC Game on the 2nd starts at 5pm.   Our wedding Starts at 5:30pm.   Let’s just say- the 110 will NOT be a pretty sight.   Please try to find an alternate route- but really- just don’t hate us for the traffic!

Fight on!