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[Bed Frame]

While this one of our first projects of 2012, we found inspiration for it over a year ago at one of our favorite stores; SEED. They have a large wall behind the cash/wrap lined with frames… all painted black with chalkboard paint.

Our master bedroom has a high ceiling; leaving us a grand wall behind the bead. Initially we wanted a new headboard, but it’s hard to find something we liked that didn’t also have a footboard. After seeing the frame wall at Seed we started collecting frames hoping to create something similar above our bed.

We collected frames from around the house (leftover from other projects from the wedding) from family (took frames my mom didn’t need after her move), and from the Flea Market (the one at the Great Park had a GREAT selection for reasonable prices).

We then took the frames and painted them all the same color as the wall. It took 2+ coats to cover the different finishes evenly… but they turned out great.

We laid them out in the bed to get the layout we want… we opted to create a large square with all the frames defining the outside edge of the square. This gave the frame collection a certain structure, making it almost read as one large piece.


We mounted the frames using a combination of nails, screws and heavy-duty double stick tape. We’re here in earthquake territory and didn’t want to take any chances with these guys falling on our head in the night!

I’m really please with how it turned out – our bedroom has a lot more texture and the bed feels more anchored in the large space.


Gallery Wall

Throughout the course of my ongoing blog reading… I came across an image of a beautiful wall with painted borders surrounding art work. This inspired me to sketch something similar as an idea for our long (empty) hallway. I had a vision of a simple border, that would add a little flair to the hall… defining the space a bit (and hopefully take the focus off the only two elements currently on that wall- the thermostat controls and the return air grill.) We needed a little flavor on our vanilla hall.

First I measured, then taped and lastly … painted.




Then is was just a question of what to do with the space defined inside the border. At first I just planned to hang the collection of frames and photos we already had (from out collection of un-hung frames in the garage)… but then, after brainstorming a bit with Steve, and clearly inspired by numerous gallery wall images from sources like Pinterest… we decided to do a more curated gallery style wall. A Black Friday coupon for Arron Bros came in handy as we picked up 11 black frames (multiples of 3 different sizes). Learning from some online tutorials, I cut out paper in the sizes of the frames to do some test layouts on the wall… one we found a pattern/y we liked it was very easy to hang up the frames.



It has been a fantastic addition to the hall. It’s livened up the space, and will be a great way to display a rotating collection of our favorite images.