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More Knewlyweds!

2011 is flying by, and March 4th arrived so quickly, but we couldn’t have been be happier to share in the special day of Andy & Brittany.  Andy is Team Steamie’s baby bro (though- yes, technically he is older than me) and Brittany is his fabulous bride!

ont he wedding day,  I got to hop around to visit everyone while they prepped!   First, I visited with the dudes hanging out it the hotel room before heading out for pictures. When the boys got ready- I popped in to visit the girls. Bride Brittany looked AMAZING! Killer dress! I tagged along with Brit & her fab bridesmaids, while they posed for the getting ready pics at the hotel. The BEST part was walking downstairs for more pictures, and seeing this gaggle of tween girls swarm to get a look at the bride! SO cute!

(me taking a sneaky pic of me with bride & her mama in the background)

We all hopped in the limo (yes, I was a total limo crasher & tagged along for the ride) Andy & Brit shared a very sweet first look at the Bowers museum, and then the entire bridal party took some great pictures. Then off to the church! (with a little champagne spilling , and subsequent air drying in the limo)

Steve & Andy nailed an amazing double high five in the church (startling Father Hill!) and Brit made a grand entrance to lots of oohs & ahhs! After a beautiful ceremony, we all headed off to the fun reception at the Hacienda. Magical twinkle lights galore- what a pretty venue! Steve delivered a highly amusing, sweet (with a touch of embarrassing) Best Man Speech- and we all woofed our cheers to the lovely bride & groom.

In typical Team Steamie fashion we celebrated the Knewlyweds with non-stop dance action. Congrats & the ultimate of best wishes to Andy & Brittany! It was a beautiful wedding, and I’m so happy for you. I know we’re loving married life, and you will too!