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Pre-party hunt…

So- we had this mostly empty living room… what’s a Team Steamie to do?

How about a week-long rampage of furniture shopping on Craigslist? Go Steve, Go!

First stop- Credenza- this is actually not “vintage”.  Surprise.  It fit the modern look we were going for.  The wood is a great color, which goes well with our mix of new & vintage items. The white really balances out the room standing opposite the fireplace.



Next stop- coffee table! We knew we wanted a bigger coffee table, with a Danish/ mid-century flair, but the picture on Craigslist did not do this one justice. We lucked out by daring to pop in & see it in person anyway! It was much bigger, and had a lot more detail than the picture indicated. There’s a cool little flare at the end of the table top, and there’s a shnazzy drawer underneath. It was still sticky from the seller re-staining it- but we took it home & there it fit so well with the recently scored little green couch!



Third stop- club chairs. These might be a temporary addition to the Steamie house, but for now they work. And they appeared pracitcally out of no where. They were posted on good old CL at about 9am, and we had them at home by noon. Thanks again to Steve’s flexible summer work hours! We weren’t too sure about the pattern, and decided, even as a place holder, they were a good deal. They are pretty comfy as well- so the sitting area really works. It was so great to have the room filled with friends at my b-day party- enjoying all the pieces we collected just days prior.


Fourth (and final, for now) stop- lighting! This (Not yet picutred) really awesome lamp might be too tall to permanently reside on this credenza, but it’s a total find and really helps bring light into the room.. It reminds me of a whale tail & by some strange coincidence has the EXACT same lampshade as the vintage lamp I bought on the side of the road near my old apartment. What-in-the-mid-century-coincidences? So maybe someday both will be in the same room looking stylish together.

So, there we were, just day’s before the party, lamenting how sad it would be to have people over for my birthday with a half empty room- and poof- it was completely full again! HUGE props to Steve for planning my b-day bash, while simultaneously working, and scouring Craigslist nightly & driving all throughout so cal scooping up furniture. What an awesome husband I’ve got!


Steamie on the hunt…

Ideas. We’ve got lots of them.  Especially when it comes to what we want our house to look like.   We have ideas on decoration, art, paint, finishes & of course… furniture.

Tables, chairs, sofas, you name it… we’ve got big aspirations.  We might have one too many books on designer chairs… but still- we’ve got ideas, and we’re having fun making many of them come to life.

Thankfully for Team Steamie, Steve is a supreme researcher.  His tenacity & dedication to a good Craigslist search astounds me.  I have minimal ability to successfully navigate the Craigslist search, but he has a real knack for it.  He can hone in on just the right search words & then sends me links galore, hot on the trail of our next Steamie furniture find!

The searches go in phases… sometimes we’re on a lamp kick, or a chair, desk, table, dish, saucer, whatever kick.

For a long time now, we have been searching  for a credenza.  We wanted something vintage, with some fabulous tapered dowel legs… very mid century.   There is a lot out there, but so much of it costs way more than is necessary!  SO the hunt continued.  Finally- last week we were getting lots of hits on our search queries… but they weren’t quite right, too expensive, to far away, too bulky, blah blah blah.  Then there was one- it was really cool, good price, in Silverlake… and we were already in LA on another furniture hunt (see Womb Chair)… but the seller didn’t get back to us.  Then- the listing was down!  wah.  Since I had emailed the seller, they emailed back about another piece.  It was too small.  wah, again.  But then, a few days later, they emailed another link.  Bingo.  I sent it to Steve, who unbeknownst to me was already in Huntington Beach on another credenza lead.  When he got my email, he contacted them & hit the road to pick it up!

It fit in so well in the room.  The wood & the simple styling really warms up the space.  Of course- now we might have triggered yet another search- the hunt for the 50″ TV…