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Little Green Couch

So after the Steamie House hosted the bridal shower- the living room was EMPTY. Completely. Not just because we cleared it out temporarily to put in the tables & chairs… but completely empty because we sold all the furniture that was in it. The couches & the coffee table/end table set all went to happy new owners via Craigslist. It’s a real import/export ordeal we’ve got going on. So after cleaning up after the party- we only had one piece to bring back in. Our new (to us) couch.


There is, of course, a Craigslist tale to this couch:

While picking up the Knoll table – Steve commented to the sellers- that he liked their mid-century style couch. They confessed- it was not vintage- and actually from Macy’s! Later, after he told me about the couch, and showed me the picture on the Macy’s website… the wheels started turning. We still had some gift cards to Macy’s from the wedding, and the couch was on sale. Score! So early july we headed down to the Macy’s home store to do the sit-test & place our order! The couch wouldn’t be ready for pick up until the last weekend in July- but that was fine since we knew we were going to need time to clear out the existing couch for the party anyway. Yay!… or so it seemed.

A couple of weeks later, we get an email update- stating that the couch wouldn’t be available until early September. What?! That’s a long time without a couch! I just forwarded the email to Steve, meanwhile he was Craigslist-ing (as usual!), and sees the same couch on Craigslist, in San Diego. But- for $200 less. I sent him a text, “go for it” and down to Coronado he went. I went at lunch to Macy’s & cancelled our order- and so by the day’s end we had the new couch in hand, for less money, and well over a month earlier!

So- after the shower- we had an empty living room & got to bring in our new couch! It looked a little sad in the room all by it self… but still very comfy & cute.

Now we just need a coffee table, some club chairs, and maybe another credenza… gee… I wonder where we’d look for those… Craigslist perhaps?


shades of gray… (in a good way)

There have been many couches that have come and gone.  Some nice & matching, some covered in fabrics not traditionally associated with a sofa (is that burlap!?).   There were years of being the “soccer room”.  The roomed served as festive gathering space, complete with plastic wrap and a round of indoor flip cup.  There were even several months functioning as a holding zone and even as the booze room.  But now – the living room finally is… a LIVING ROOM.

The new couch arrived completed to our custom dimensions.  And *surprise surprise* it’s gray! 

It’s look great and is super comfy.  The only flaw is it points out our dire need for big fabulous art on the wall above it!

*ps- pay no attention to the decorative pillows, as they are subject to change soon!