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Tea Pots & Polka Dots

The Steamie house is getting some party action this summer!

The first event – Andrea’s Bridal Shower- happened just last weekend, and the festivities transformed our living room completely.  For Andrea’s “Tea pots & Polka dots” bridal shower we cleared out every piece of furniture from the living room, and every item from the counter tops in the kitchen & launched into party mode.

I had a few big ideas for how to decorate and I needed Steve’s help to orchestrate it all!  One idea– POLKA DOTS.  More specifically dozens of yellow construction paper dots- taped (with painters tape) to the our grey walls- floor to ceiling!  Steve put every last one up!  Thanks honey!

Another idea- Cake pops!  Andrea loves cake pops- and I like to bake… so clearly I had to try to make them.  I had more helpers with Sam & Audrey- Samdrey & Steamie combined really make great team!  They looked GREAT & Tasted even better.  The dessert table wouldn’t have been complete without cupcakes, rice crispie treats & a “cereal station”

Of course- with the polka dots on the walls- we couldn’t forget the tea pots!  (It’s a little scary to realize I technically own 5 teapots) This one is just for plants. (sorry Regan, after surviving several years- I finally killed the succulent you gave me in that tea pot!) but it’s cuteness lives on as a floral vessel.

A HUGE thanks to Andrea’s amazing Aunts & Step Mom for helping me orchestrate the shower.  Thanks a million to Megan for getting the chairs & table clothes.  Thanks to Samdrey for cake pop & cupcake frosting till the wee hours the night before your move. Thanks to my amazing hubby Steve for putting up all those dots, lugging furniture around & generally putting up with my crazy planning self.  AND THANK YOU to Andrea- the beautiful bride to be you are a wonderful friend and I’m so happy to be part of your festivities!

p.s. wasn’t this wreath so cute!  I was so excited to make it & then give it to Andrea after the shower.  Good thing too- since she became obsessed with it on sight- and kept asking me to make her one!  I finally had to tell her that I wanted her to take it home!  haha.