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Steamie Hikes.

In an effort to enjoy the spring / summer weather- Team Steamie has implemented a once a week requirement to visit the beach!  We were 2 for two in hitting up Laguna each Sunday since the new rule was (however arbitrarily) enacted.  This past weekend- we realized we were almost overdue for our trip- but it was a little too cool outside.

So instead we subbed in a hike!  Technically the trail could get you to the beach- but for our sunset timetable- we just did the Irvine side of the trail.  The new Bommer Caynon trail head just opened the beginning of the month, so the parking lot, & entry are really fresh & lovely.  The trail itself has been updated & maintained & is easy to follow.  Though there are some forks in the road that may have led us to hopping a few locked gates till we ended up back where we wanted to be!

Here are a few pics from our walk:

Aren’t we adorable.  🙂

Checking out the birds from the new bridge…

Moon was peeking out over the grass!