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Ok…  At first it was just a little fun wish list.   Some fun retro chairs for the dining room…  Then just a cozy chair to serve as a reading nook & pop of color… then to fill in the empty spot in the front room.

But clearly somewhere along the way we’ve become collectors.  I’d say 24 chairs counts as a collection right?

Yesterday’s acquisition of 10 (yes TEN) vintage Harry Bertoia diamond chairs pushed us from simply furnishing our home and yard– to full on chair hoarders.

Evidence below:


And it must be noted, of the 24 chairs below, all but 5 came to us via Craigslist!  ( of the non-CL 5: 2 were ebay, 1 a wedding gift, 1 a $5 yard sale find, and 1 a family hand me down ).