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Steamie Yard- recap

Our Yard was completed back in early April- but with baby prep (and arrival!) & letting the plants grow a bit- we haven’t done a proper “after” blog post.

I keep waiting for us to have an official outdoor party so I could have pictures with the yard full of people & food & drinks.  We have we have had a few small bbq’s, but on those days I (of course) forget to stop to take pics of the yard since we’re busy enjoying it!

So this morning- while Steve tended to the watering & weeding (he’s doing a great job keeping things green & happy!)- I snapped a few pics so we can see some of the progress photos and a kind of  “where are they now” look at things.


Here’s the side yard- progress and today- those plants are SUPER happy even in the late summer heat.



Here is the view from our master bedroom into the back yard- Progress, and today.







Here is the back yard from the BBQ area- progress and today.


And here’s proof we have sat out there & enjoyed the fruits of our labor-



face lift…

So the Steamie House is getting a facelift.  I mean, come on, 35 is getting pretty up there…  for a house at least.

The 70’s diagonal siding had seen better days… the trim was collecting water & rotting away the siding!  You could stick your finger right through the wood.  yeeps.

Here are the “Before” pictures:

So after getting our bids, and getting approval from the dear HOA- We’re clear to take down the rotten siding, and put up new horizontal lap siding.  Construction started early Thursday morning!

Steve sent me this progress picture around noon:

I took this one when I got home from work:

Check back  for more progress and the “After” photos.

We ordered this new light fixture to spruce up the entry & it should help us on our quest to de-brass… all that will be left will be the brass on the front door… and we’ll get that fixed up hopefully when we get the door painted our approved accent color.

Sometimes it’s hard to be a “designer” and get stuck with all these HOA restrictions… but it did help simplify our decision on what color to paint the house.  One look at the 20+ options and there really were only one or two schemes we were even interested in.  And surprise, surprise… there will be grey involved.