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Birthday on a stick!

As the 1981 babies turn 30 this year- we get some fun parties!

Happy 30th Audrey!


To help Audrey ring in the big day- Sam enlisted me to help with some décor items for Audrey’s party. Being me… I took that to mean she needed a backdrop & props for photobooth antics!

Steve helped me cut out the mustaches & we hot glued them to dowels.

(yes, in case you’re wondering, this is why I’m constantly at places like Michaels buying 3 dowels & a pack of hot glue sticks).

Not content with just mustache fun- I also printed out some large Audrey faces for the photo fun!


Happily the guests obliged our whims & wished Audrey a proper Happy Birthday by posing with things on sticks!


Cheers to your 30th year Audrey! And may the fun Audrey’s on sticks keep you good company!!

 (Yes, Audrey is awesome & brought the props to work to entertain her coworkers after the party!)