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Steamie Family ‘Cation: Monterey

Team Steamie does Monterey! We booked ourselves a cute Airbnb- and hit the road to Monterey!

Everly loved saying “Cation”, and “Monterey” and, of course “Fishies” since we’d been telling her there would be lots of fish to see at the aquarium.

Doing a little research before hand we learned about the Dennis the Menace park- it was a HIT for our playground obsessed little lady. She covered every inch of this playground- even the things we thought were a bit to advanced… those are some BIG ladders! haha.

The house we stayed at also included passes to the aquarium- so we visited it both Friday & Saturday. Out firiends Szara & Makalah met us up for fun with the fishies.

Aside from the aquarium, we walked, explored, and [excitedly] rode the trolley around town, strolled, checked out the coastline & ate lots of yummy food.

Everly is STILL asking for more cation, and more Monterey! SO clearly we just have to plan more trips! 🙂



Steamie Yard- recap

Our Yard was completed back in early April- but with baby prep (and arrival!) & letting the plants grow a bit- we haven’t done a proper “after” blog post.

I keep waiting for us to have an official outdoor party so I could have pictures with the yard full of people & food & drinks.  We have we have had a few small bbq’s, but on those days I (of course) forget to stop to take pics of the yard since we’re busy enjoying it!

So this morning- while Steve tended to the watering & weeding (he’s doing a great job keeping things green & happy!)- I snapped a few pics so we can see some of the progress photos and a kind of  “where are they now” look at things.


Here’s the side yard- progress and today- those plants are SUPER happy even in the late summer heat.



Here is the view from our master bedroom into the back yard- Progress, and today.







Here is the back yard from the BBQ area- progress and today.


And here’s proof we have sat out there & enjoyed the fruits of our labor-


March 2013

Spring time is here!

Started the month with a little putting tournament for the Kiwanis Club (embarrassingly featured in the local newspaper is my bump attempting to Put!)

IMG_8831 IMG_8829 IMG_9011

Surprise Easter Egg hunts (of the chocolate & crème variety) are the BEST!


Planted our little garden beds


Took a little Steamie stroll around Balboa Island.


Our High chair arrived- such a sweet gift from Steve’s family.


Babies first (in utero) 5k!  Well, just a walk, and at 7 months along, could almost be called a waddle!  We joined my dear friend Andrea’s “Team Turn Around & Bend over” for the 2013 Undy 5000 in San Diego.  We stayed near by at a little hotel & were able to walk to the starting line.  And for SOME REASON we seemed to attract a little attention as we crossed the street?!  Perhaps it was our awesome Team Steamie wardrobe modifications to the Team Turn  Around & Bend Over’s attire… matching pink leggings & purple Undies!  Hey- you invite Team Steamie to something called an undie run- you better believe we’ll bring it!     My Mom joined us as well, but for some reason she didn’t want to wear the matching tights!

 IMG_8891 IMG_8871 IMG_8870 IMG_8877 IMG_8876IMG_9567 IMG_9568

It was a very fun event, and we were so proud to be part of a team to help honor Andrea’s mom, and support the efforts & raise awareness about colorectal cancer prevention & treatment!  Check out the Undy 5000 for more info, or other events.

The rocking chair arrived for Teenie Steamie’s room.  I assembled it- so lets hope it stays together during the nights ahead!


My awesome Mom and Mother in Law teamed up to host the MOST adorable baby shower.  They transformed the house into a resort.  It was a lovely day, we were able to enjoy the food, the drinks and the sweet treats, and I had a cozy shady seat to unwrap all the thoughtful presents for me & our sweet baby girl.  My only regret is that I didn’t run around and take pictures of everything before the party got going- so I only have a few snaps from the day.  But the baby & I felt SO loved.

 575162_293263877470742_1436177418_n 599595_293263907470739_376727205_n 484315_293277627469367_2079612315_n 386497_293277844136012_1810430051_n 549913_293426977454432_2062389729_n 39301_293426990787764_2045043080_n 579100_293427107454419_1031853638_n IMG_8922 IMG_8956IMG_0090

The presents filled the nursery up- leaving me one question- where on earth will we put the baby!?  😉


And this is the ONE bare-bump photo I have, and while I normally wouldn’t share, I think in retrospect I’ll be happy to see it, since it’s SO crazy what the body can do.  Haha. And yes, my side of our room has been a MESS the whole pregnancy, and yes, I own 3 pairs of wiener dog pajamas.


Putting away all the shower goodies, my mom helped me wash & sort the clothes by size, so they’re all in the drawers ready to go once Teeny Steamie shows up.

 IMG_8993 IMG_8994 IMG_8995 IMG_8996 IMG_8997

Steve had a low-tech solution to watching DVR’d March Madness games, without the ticker on the top of the screen giving away the scores.


We finally picked up some seating for the back yard (thank you Costco!) Can’t wait for the yard party to enjoy our new outdoor space.


We did a quick trip up to LA  on St. Patrick’s day for the Clippers game, had  sausages as Wurstkuche with friends, enjoyed the game at staples (My first pro B-ball game ever!) and on the way home another quick stop at disneyland.

IMG_8937 IMG_8939 IMG_8944 IMG_8945

The crib FINALLY arrived, Steve & Danny assembled it!  Hooray!

IMG_9035 IMG_9048

We took a trip to Palm Springs to Celebrate Easter with the family.  Such a beautiful weekend, and I treated myself to a comfy dress I’ll be wearing all spring!

 IMG_9055 IMG_9059 IMG_9072

There was Novelty sized golf to be played, and THE birthday clown made an appearance.  (Eek!)


Steamie hits New Orleans!

Capitalizing on the “slow” week in the office between Christmas & New Years- Team Steamie took a quick adventure down south to New Orleans!  We wanted to head somewhere (relatively) warm, that neither of us had visited before.

Flight out early morning:  IMG_8104

We arrived on weds the 26th to a pretty sleepy New Orleans.  We stayed right in the French Quarter, which allowed us to walk nearly everywhere we wanted to explore.   We were only one block from Bourbon street- so while, we didn’t spend much time there, we did get to see it fill up each night with the crowds toting their beverages on the street!


We couldn’t’ resist stopping in to Patty O’Brians- where Steve excitedly ordered his hurricane! (And I got a water… very exciting, I know)

IMG_8110 IMG_8113

Then we headed to The Gumbo Shop for our first cajun meal- and it did not disappoint!  Excellent gumbo, and creole, and cozy atmosphere in the small room off the courtyard.

IMG_8114 IMG_8115 IMG_8119

Thursday morning we enjoyed the breakfast in our hotel & set off on our french quarter walking tour.  Neat to see the streets we checked out the night before transformed int he daytime.  Of course I have loads of photos of great doors, and balconies!

IMG_8132 IMG_8133 IMG_8134 IMG_8137 IMG_8140 IMG_8142 IMG_8143 IMG_8145

Mid day, we headed to the Mississippi Rivier for a ride on the steamboat Natchez.  They did a great job narrating what you saw along the banks, as well as much of the City history.  Steve packed his Mufalletta from Central Gorcery for the ride, while I enjoyed the buffet of red beans & rice (and hot coco) while we listened to the dixieland jazz play!

IMG_8148 IMG_8150 IMG_8153 IMG_8155

After our boat tour- we were ready to walk, and walk we did!  After missing two bussed (whoops!) we decided to just walk ourselves over to the Garden Distrcit.  It was a trek, especially with my growing belly slowing me down- and Steve’s travel speed walking! But we reached the historic disctirct and enjoyed oogling the lovely homes!  We followed some others who clearly were tourists, and were happliy able to catch the bus back to Canal Street!

IMG_8156 IMG_8157

We (mostly me, napped a bit in the hotel) then headed out to dinner- I got some scrumptions louisiana crab cakes, while steve ventured a bit more and ordered the Gator po-boy.



After dinner, we headed to Flannagins pub- which is the meet up point for the nighttime Ghost tour!  The zany tour guides did a great job leading us through the streets to stop and regale us with the sordid history & mystery of many of the local buildings.


Friday we cruised some more streets we hadn’t covered yet- scoping out the cute shops on Magazine Street back towards the Garden District (this time we took the bus there & back!)  In the afternoon, we partook in a cooking lesson- where we got to watch, and then sample some homemade gumbo, jumbalaya & pralines. (And take home recipes to recreate it on our own later) Just like our other tour- it was a great mix on information and history.  And  lucky for Steve, it even came with beer!  😉

Friday brought out loads of street performers!


Friday evening it rained a bit- but we stayed dry ducking into the bars on Frenchman Street to see the live bands they have every night!  Great music, and fun loving crowds.

IMG_8191 IMG_8193 IMG_8195

Saturday we decided to cover the one tourist spot he hadn’t sampled yet- Cafe Du Monde.  We got the requisite coffee & beignets, and with all that powdered sugar, how could anyone complain?

IMG_8183 IMG_8205 IMG_8198 IMG_8206

We strolled a bit around Jackson Square, and ducked into the neat courtyards around town.

IMG_8182 IMG_8181 IMG_8179 IMG_8168

We visited the museum just off Jackson Square to see the great Katrina exhibit, and the views back out to the square:


and stopped into the Napoleon cafe to get Steve a Mufaletta for the road and headed to the airport.

A great weekend, we saw nearly everything we could think of and enjoyed it all!  A great final trip of 2012!

cars land!

Making a point to use our Disneyland passes, and eager to scope out the new Cars Land- once some of the crazy crowds died down- we picked a night to venture over & check out the new land.  The lines were still too long- so we didn’t ride those rides- but it’s still a pretty cute little street!

IMG_7340 IMG_7345 IMG_7346
We were able to sneak back another morning for a ride!! IMG_7773 IMG_7775

Take me to the ZOO!

Last year we got passes to the SD zoo.  We’ve hit the zoo & the wild animal park but wanted to squeeze in one more visit before the passes expired.
We headed out bright & early to the zoo.  Visited all the favories- the gifraffes, elephants, pandas & polar bears.
IMG_7237 IMG_7239 IMG_7243 IMG_7257 IMG_7269
Finishing with our rounds just before lunch- we opted to pit stop in downtown SD for a little beer & pizza.
Then keeping with the theme- we took the 15 north to stop at Stone brewery for a growler refil.
IMG_7272 IMG_7274
We continued our road trip by taking the back roads from temecula into Palm Springs.
A whirl wind driving day- but with lots of great sights to see & beer to share!

Steamie yard update

SO there was the demo… and since then… a whole lotta NOTHING.

We’re still trying desperatly to get any landscape contractors to give us a quote (that doesn’t make us faint)… and then to kick off work on the new yard. It’s pretty simple, but apparently everyone is just too busy to be responsive. We’ve had 4 companies come to look at the yard, and only 1 so far has responded with a quote. I’m meeting another wednesday… here’s hoping!

In the meantime we can pin outdoor inspiration photos to our hearts content… and stare at the plans of our *hopefully soon* future yard!