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furniture shuffle…

After clearing the room for the shower set up- we took that opportunity to begin clearing out the office for its future role as the nursery!
After determining that the three ladder shelves from the office would work great in living room-  we also realized there would be a LOT of extra wall space.  And since the computer will also need a new home soon- we knew we needed to add some more components to the set up.  After looking online only to realize that Crate & Barrel stopped making the shelves in the bamboo finish-  Steve went on a craigslist mission to find the bamboo!  He scored with a shelf & desk combo- and now we have a WALL of books in the living rooom- we’ll have to start calling is something more studious- the library?  the study?
Here’s the two added pieces before the full relocation:
Here’s the book transfer in progress:
Here’s the final assembly:


Ok…  At first it was just a little fun wish list.   Some fun retro chairs for the dining room…  Then just a cozy chair to serve as a reading nook & pop of color… then to fill in the empty spot in the front room.

But clearly somewhere along the way we’ve become collectors.  I’d say 24 chairs counts as a collection right?

Yesterday’s acquisition of 10 (yes TEN) vintage Harry Bertoia diamond chairs pushed us from simply furnishing our home and yard– to full on chair hoarders.

Evidence below:


And it must be noted, of the 24 chairs below, all but 5 came to us via Craigslist!  ( of the non-CL 5: 2 were ebay, 1 a wedding gift, 1 a $5 yard sale find, and 1 a family hand me down ).

Steamie sits.



A recent ebay win brought these lovely chairs to the Steamie house. We love the color, the texture of that original fabric, and they fit right in with the rest of the living room.

The only flaw- this literally brings the count of chairs in our home to 23! 23 in a home occupied by 2 people. There’s something not quite right there. But clearly that doesn’t stop us. We love iconic seating, and we’re building quite a collection. Hopefully we can figure out how to downsize, or rearrange to ensure our house doesn’t end up looking like a used furniture store.

In the mean time- come on over- and pull up a seat!

Fiberglass Shell Armchairs

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a history of design-geekery when it comes to chairs. I LOVE them.

One might think that we already have enough chairs for one little house. Or that Steve might tire of my chair focused decorating. However- it seems perhaps my chair interest merely sparked something inside him as well- since he recently took the chair collecting into his own hands! He came across someone selling 4 original Herman Miller manufactured Eames fiberglass shell arm chairs- a set of 4! After a quick spotting of them, he made an offer, and the next day I received this picture in a text message:



Some are in rougher condition- overall they’re totally useable piece of the 60’s!  We’re exctied to give them a little TLC & disperse them throughout the house.  For now we have them lined up in the front room- and the colors are fantastic in there.

I’m totally enjoying Steve’s enthusiasm for one my my favorite items.  It’s been so fun to fill our house with goodies together- and this find is proof I’m not the only one around here who’s gone chair crazy!

Steamie asks: Mozart or Beethoven?

The piano has moved!  Well, really that should read, the piano has moved, A LOT.   Starting it’s many moves with my grandparents, they then gifted it to me at age 12 or so-  which meant the piano’s travels then followed my mom’s moves.  Prior to her most recent move- the piano journeyed on over to it’s newest home-  the Steamie house!

The movers trucked it in, and set it up. It made a happy home in our living room.


Part of tackling to-do lists in early 2012- we finally got it tuned- and it sounds great!  The tuner even fixed the stuck key that, for years forced me to play songs an octave higher or lower to avoid striking the soft key.  (You can see the key is just a little lower than the others!)


But the real question isn’t  where has this piano been?, or how does it sound?  No,   the real question is WHO is this guy?!


how about close up:


This bust has sat atop this piano for as long as I can remember. And, for as long as I can remember, I’ve referred to him as Mozart.   Years of counting on Mozart’s watchful eye over the piano as I played scales, or practiced the Forrest Gump Suite endlessly.  Until recently, when in passing my mom mentioned that he’s Beethoven. What!? How could that be…

So a quick goole image search yields:



and Bach for good measure:

Ladies, they don’t make the fellas like they used to.  But from this deep historical research, and mostly just taking those flowing locks as our context clue, it’s gotta be Beethoven!

While I still might slip & call him Mozart, whoever he is, he still remains reigns atop the piano, a man of stately countenance.   Though unfortunately for him, sometimes Christmas happens, and then he wears an elf hat.


Chair Update…

See we upholstered these chairs here… and NOW it was time to update the frames of the chairs.

We painted them a light grey, with a tiny orange accent. They’re perfect for extra seats at the dining table, or around the house when we have company.


Pre-party hunt…

So- we had this mostly empty living room… what’s a Team Steamie to do?

How about a week-long rampage of furniture shopping on Craigslist? Go Steve, Go!

First stop- Credenza- this is actually not “vintage”.  Surprise.  It fit the modern look we were going for.  The wood is a great color, which goes well with our mix of new & vintage items. The white really balances out the room standing opposite the fireplace.



Next stop- coffee table! We knew we wanted a bigger coffee table, with a Danish/ mid-century flair, but the picture on Craigslist did not do this one justice. We lucked out by daring to pop in & see it in person anyway! It was much bigger, and had a lot more detail than the picture indicated. There’s a cool little flare at the end of the table top, and there’s a shnazzy drawer underneath. It was still sticky from the seller re-staining it- but we took it home & there it fit so well with the recently scored little green couch!



Third stop- club chairs. These might be a temporary addition to the Steamie house, but for now they work. And they appeared pracitcally out of no where. They were posted on good old CL at about 9am, and we had them at home by noon. Thanks again to Steve’s flexible summer work hours! We weren’t too sure about the pattern, and decided, even as a place holder, they were a good deal. They are pretty comfy as well- so the sitting area really works. It was so great to have the room filled with friends at my b-day party- enjoying all the pieces we collected just days prior.


Fourth (and final, for now) stop- lighting! This (Not yet picutred) really awesome lamp might be too tall to permanently reside on this credenza, but it’s a total find and really helps bring light into the room.. It reminds me of a whale tail & by some strange coincidence has the EXACT same lampshade as the vintage lamp I bought on the side of the road near my old apartment. What-in-the-mid-century-coincidences? So maybe someday both will be in the same room looking stylish together.

So, there we were, just day’s before the party, lamenting how sad it would be to have people over for my birthday with a half empty room- and poof- it was completely full again! HUGE props to Steve for planning my b-day bash, while simultaneously working, and scouring Craigslist nightly & driving all throughout so cal scooping up furniture. What an awesome husband I’ve got!