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Steamie House: old wood, new decor…

After our class at The Makery– I saw some neat posts on instagram from another craftsman in the community space. I sent him a message about possibly making a reclaimed wood infil panel for our fireplace.

We visited his workspace, to scope out the materials he’s picked up around town, and here’s the final piece- we LOVE it. Love hearing about where the wood came from, especially since some of it is from orange, (especially since Steve is also sourced  from Orange! haha.)



Steamie Kitchen- Re Do!

It’s no secret the kitchen at the Steamie House has been on the To-do list for quite some time.  We’ve discussed what we’d want, and day dreamed & hoped. (and saved and saved and saved)   And then, it just hit us, along with the bottoms of the existing drawers falling out & spilling silverware all over my feet… IT’S TIME.

Time to Demo,  time to renovate!
We talked more about what we wanted, I drew up some plans, and then we met with contractors.  What did we learn?  Well, of course, we learned nearly any details I wanted to see in the kitchen required custom cabinetry.  haha… Poor us.   I think often of Steve, and how he happily entered into marriage with an architect- not realizing it would just plague us forever.  The perils of being an architect – high end dreams, without a high end budget!
Universally the word “custom” means “costs more” but in the end, I think we found a contractor that is a good fit- they build their cabinets custom for all jobs… so they are used to that, which means, we get our custom sized & shaped cabinets!  Hooray for enabling my crackpot schemes of appliance garages & cabinets reaching to the ceiling!  (Simple wishes, yet somehow too tricky for the readily available prefab cabinets!)
We’ve documented the before (pictures below) and with demolition wrapping up this week, we’re just entering the “during”.  But the “after” will come, and then we can revisit- hopefully with pictures of said custom cabinets, perfectly fitting all our functional and aesthetic dreams.  haha.  Fingers crossed!
Also- pinners be warned….  as one contractor told us, pinterest is a black hole of wishes that are far too costly to come true!  but man… it’s still fun to stare at & pin the pretty kitchens that someone some other people can afford.  haha.  C’est la Vie.  And who knows,  maybe later our custom cabinets may end up pinned somewhere haunting some poor sap who doesn’t know that custom is a bad (for the budget) word.
​Here’s some “Before” pics:
This is the view from the Living room.  Goodbye strange closet- thank you for holding everything from serving ware, gift wrap and party supplies, to cleaning supplies and light bulbs.  ​
Steve saving goodbye to his the kitchen in his own way….
Here’s some progress shots of the demo day 1!
View of the exterior wall all exposed!

Steamie Yard- recap

Our Yard was completed back in early April- but with baby prep (and arrival!) & letting the plants grow a bit- we haven’t done a proper “after” blog post.

I keep waiting for us to have an official outdoor party so I could have pictures with the yard full of people & food & drinks.  We have we have had a few small bbq’s, but on those days I (of course) forget to stop to take pics of the yard since we’re busy enjoying it!

So this morning- while Steve tended to the watering & weeding (he’s doing a great job keeping things green & happy!)- I snapped a few pics so we can see some of the progress photos and a kind of  “where are they now” look at things.


Here’s the side yard- progress and today- those plants are SUPER happy even in the late summer heat.



Here is the view from our master bedroom into the back yard- Progress, and today.







Here is the back yard from the BBQ area- progress and today.


And here’s proof we have sat out there & enjoyed the fruits of our labor-


Steamie House

A sweet surprise from our photo shoot for Everly were all the little snippets of our house Kristin captured when she was here!  I wasn’t expecting it, but I really love seeing the bits of our house that seemed to have caught her eye!

First: The MOOSE.  the only item that adorns the wall above the couch in the family room.


This little corner of the dining room


The light fixture in our entryway (gee, someone should really dust that!)


Everly’s “E” on our book shelf in the study, along side a majong game from Shanghai and vintage construction books from my grandfather.


The little airstream piggy bank with our (hopefully, continually growing) collection of travel books


A fabulous coffeetable book, and rad photobooth pictures from my cousin’s wedding. (we call this one “the birds and the bees”).


A picture of my grandparents on the shores of lake Michigan rests in front of the Neutra book that Steve gave my on my birthday the first year we started dating.  He initially presented me with a bike pump in the beginning of the date, and just as he dropped me off at home- sprung this beauty on me.  That’s pretty much when I knew he was a keeper (and totally one to scheme up surprises!)


This little dachshund toy- I bought in Italy on our honeymoon!


The crib/mobile/triangles of the nursery- with our little nugget squirming away!


I love the images of our little family on our bed- and sneaking in the back our “head board” of frames collected from family and flea markets, we painted the same color as our wall.


April 2013 (before Everly & After!)

April turned out to be a MUCH more exciting month than we had planned (see Everly’s arrival story Here).

I WAS hoping to stop working on the 12th & enjoy the rest of the month off before the may 2nd due date, but clearly that didn’t work out.   Before she showed up- this is what happened…

My office threw me a really spectacular baby shower- I was NOT expecting it at all, very sweet & thoughtful.


We picked up a new table & chairs for the patio- Like we needed MORE chairs to own.  But seriously- the green is so happy, and it fills the space perfectly- looking forward to using it this summer.


I tested both strollers, and miraculously they each fit in my trunk!  I also installed the car seat (which turned out to be just in time- I put it in the weds before Everly showed up that Friday!)

 IMG_9109 IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9117

This was the last “Bump” pic I snapped… didn’t make it to the 37 week picture!


The rest of the month was spent staring at THIS FACE!


We received so many beautiful flowers- it was so lovely around the house.


Everly showed up before Steve had his work shower- so we got these little gifts after she arrived, but that diaper cake was all the more appreciated now that we were in active diaper duty!  And Everly got to wear her Baby YAT shirt to amuse daddy’s co-workers too!

 IMG_9484 IMG_9485 IMG_9492 2013-04-28 14.08.18

We had lots of visitors in the hospital and to the house after we were home.  I didn’t’ get pics of everyone, but we really appreciated all the visits & the yummy food deliveries!  Thank you again to our friends & family who helped take care of us those first few weeks as a new family!

 IMG_9334 IMG_9421 IMG_9428

Teeny Steamie’s Room

With our little Teeny Steamie on well on her way, we had to get moving on prepping her room! SO excited to create a warm, fun space to welcome our little bundle to her home!

We relocated the book shelves out of the office… next up was to primer over the red walls.  (See red to grey here)


Bye bye Man Cave/Office- hello light & bright baby room! Some progress pics- Steve worked hard on that primer. But we called in a pro to finish the job once we were both worn out & it still needed covering!

Up went the curtains- and then I began work on the triangles!


The triangles were inspired by these decals... but I had a slightly different color scheme in mind, and with our NOT quite a square room- the proportions of the decals didn’t quite work.  So, I opted instead to paint the wall myself! It took many, many rounds of taping and painting- and the final result is SO happy!

Taping & color coding each spot:


filling it in:



Final product:


And while it took a while to arrive, the crib is finally here (still waiting on the dresser)-  Danny & Steve set it all set up for our little miss! Once the crib was in the elephant mobile promptly was hung as well.


I inherited this chair from my grandpa- and it’s been roaming with me from apartment to apartment- to finally our home. After many years in that lovely burnt orange/brown- for it’snew life in the nursery- I ordered this fabric, and worked with a local upholsterer to refresh the chair & ottoman. I’m SUPER in love with how it came out, and happy that it’s just as comfy- a perfect chair for nursing, napping, and hopefully future spot to read many many bedtime stories!


A quick trip to Ikea, and a not to quick attempt at assembling (the shelve may have sat half assembled for several days on our living room floor) I couldnt’ bend well to finish it- but once Steve stepped in to help it went together easily & we placed it in the corner & loaded with all the wonderful books & toy’s we received at the shower.


The nursery is coming together- now we just need the little lady to go in it!

(edit: after Steve’s office shower- I had to hang up the cute welcome banner they made! )


Feb 2013

Feb may be small, but it packs a punch!

the Steamie Yard progressed…

IMG_8523 IMG_8514 IMG_8760 IMG_8763 IMG_8758 IMG_8707

We hosted a fun “Rock & Roll” themed shower to our FAB friends as the prep to welcome a new addition to their family.  Nothing a few spray painted Vinyl records can’t do!

IMG_8587 IMG_8598 IMG_8599

The onesie decorating was a super fun craftivity for the party guests!

IMG_8600 IMG_8609 IMG_8611 IMG_8614 IMG_8615 IMG_8617

Steve is such a sweet daddy to be & let me drag him to a couples pre-natal yoga class!


We packed in a few visits to Disneyland before our passed expire again.


Awesome valentines date night to Banderas (MMMM…. Cornbread) and movies at the port theater!  We CRACKED up that our reserved seats stood out in the EMPTY theater.

 IMG_8633 IMG_8635

Sweet little handmade heart pillow from Mr. Steamie- yes the button says “ you are my SEW mate”  haha.


Bump selfies in restaurant bathrooms- so classy.


Steve made me excellent mock-tails (faux-garita)


We attended our birth-prep classes at hoag lucked out to score sundae from the event happening in the next room!


Snagged a super cute little table for the side yard seating area (Homegoods FTW!)


My mom got us our stroller!  It’s getting real here.  J