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Happy New Year!

IMG_2570Happy New Year!
Welcome 2015!  Team Steamie is ready for ya!
We spent our new years eve snuggling (aka being the human mattress) while our Teeny Steamie sweated and slept off her mystery fever.  Poor babe, nothing is more sad than looking at those little eyes all glossy & cheeks all flushed with sickness.  But thankfully she perked up on the 1st, and so far has been her happy (and feisty) self for the new year.
Cheers to all the adventures to come in the new year.

Steami-ized Gift Tags- DIY

Requiring no actual “crafting” this DIY, is more of an “OIY” (order it yourself)… but here’s how we arrived at our cute little personalized gift tags:

IMG_2312Since the other half of this “Team Steamie” was kind enough to cave to me pestering and get a holiday card photos shoot this year [pictures here]… I just couldn’t leave well enough alone at using the photos just for the cards.

Must. Maximize. Cuteness.

While I was checking out online cards, I noticed templates for simple, square business cards. The light bulb clicked on, and I ordered a set of 50 cards with a simple image from our photo shoot (Gotta love E’s sparkly shoes!). Yes, I had a coupon code… yes, I’m a sucker for square format anything.

With just a simple hole punch- voila- personalized gift tags.

I really think they added a lovely touch to this years wrapping. I didn’t buy ANY wrapping supplies this year, just used up what was left over in the archives (aka- the wrapping paper box under our bed). I envy those out there with a full room dedicated to creating magical packages to sit under the tree… but I’m happy with our sparkly yarn & adorable feet adorning gifts for our loved ones!

Ho. Ho. Ho.

Have a very STEAMIE Christmas! [2014]

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

Happy Holidays

Here’s some excerpts from the mini-photo shoot for out holiday cards this year.  It was quite chilly & breezy & our little E was a bit camera shy, preferring to try to run off and play rather than sit & pose, but they still turned out darling.  Love that little FACE.

EverlyLeafRomperOutReachShmilesside looksmilesSnugglessquishMamalookingshoes

I made her little romper the night before using this pattern from Etsy.  The fabric I had snatched up at Joann’s back in September when I went shopping for Halloween costume fixings.    It’s a little loose still, but OH SO FUN!

*photos taken in and around the Boathouse Collective I saw a review with one picture of the exterior & instantly knew I wanted to hang out with all that corrugated metal!


Putting out the christmas decor brought to light that we might have a little critter obsession… and the Steamie christmas tree is starting to show it.

This year, even some penguin plates made their way into our holiday collection…


We also rearranged the living room yet again to accomdate the christmas tree- and it’s just SO Cozy in there! 🙂


Getting steamie in Laguna

For a festive beach filled (despite the gloom!) 4th of July- we stayed with a friend in Laguna Beach.  Waking up to the sound of the waves on the 4th, we took off for a morning walk to the tide pools- and back to the beach to play frisbee.  We BBQ’d and enjoyed the patio during the day- all the while helping Danny come up with puns for his book.
IMG_6914 IMG_6916
Had to wear my most festive red white & blue!
At night- we took to the streets & headed down to main beach, stopping in the cute shops on our way to watch the fireworks- meeting up with Michelle to enjoy the view from the private beach at Hotel Laguna!
IMG_6925 IMG_6927IMG_6928
After the fireworks, we headed home to get back to reality from our wednesday holiday- back to work on thursday!  (however not before some cookie antics by the zany unicorn)!