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Steamie Parties: Nanny’s 85th Birthday!

We got to celebrate Nanny’s (Steve’s Grandma) 85th Birthday! Everly enjoyed seeing everyone, and when Steve gave a sweet toast, about how he loved going to “Palm Pings” to visit his grandma growing up, Everly also hogged the mic & repeatedly wished “Happy Birthday Nanny”! So special to have a Great-Grandma for Everly to spend time with! And seriously- Look at that desert!



Teeny Steamie: Dance Class

This is our second round of dance class- this time it’s “Ballet” specifically- Everly LOVES her ballet outfit, and enjoys playing at the barre before class!


Steamie Family ‘Cation: Monterey

Team Steamie does Monterey! We booked ourselves a cute Airbnb- and hit the road to Monterey!

Everly loved saying “Cation”, and “Monterey” and, of course “Fishies” since we’d been telling her there would be lots of fish to see at the aquarium.

Doing a little research before hand we learned about the Dennis the Menace park- it was a HIT for our playground obsessed little lady. She covered every inch of this playground- even the things we thought were a bit to advanced… those are some BIG ladders! haha.

The house we stayed at also included passes to the aquarium- so we visited it both Friday & Saturday. Out firiends Szara & Makalah met us up for fun with the fishies.

Aside from the aquarium, we walked, explored, and [excitedly] rode the trolley around town, strolled, checked out the coastline & ate lots of yummy food.

Everly is STILL asking for more cation, and more Monterey! SO clearly we just have to plan more trips! 🙂


Have a very STEAMIE Christmas! [2014]

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

Happy Holidays

Here’s some excerpts from the mini-photo shoot for out holiday cards this year.  It was quite chilly & breezy & our little E was a bit camera shy, preferring to try to run off and play rather than sit & pose, but they still turned out darling.  Love that little FACE.

EverlyLeafRomperOutReachShmilesside looksmilesSnugglessquishMamalookingshoes

I made her little romper the night before using this pattern from Etsy.  The fabric I had snatched up at Joann’s back in September when I went shopping for Halloween costume fixings.    It’s a little loose still, but OH SO FUN!

*photos taken in and around the Boathouse Collective I saw a review with one picture of the exterior & instantly knew I wanted to hang out with all that corrugated metal!

Steamie does the Kidney Walk

This past weekend Team Steamie joined my office for the

National Kidney Foundation walk in LA. (And the Laker Girls joined as well)


This wasn’t the first 5k we’ve taken Everly to, however it was the first one that was a “walk” not a run, and the first since she’s been old enough to prefer to walk over stroll.

So….. she walked, and danced, and was carried, all while we managed the stroller (empty) through the crowds!  haha.

Here’s some dancing with Daddy: