Teeny Steamie- turns 1!!

file under: better late than never…  Our little Teeny Steamie is now 19 months old, but I realize I never published my post about her first birthday.  It’s been just a sad little draft sitting on my computer for months!

We celebrated each week on the red chair- but this year milestone is cause for a party!

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Everly’s 1st birthday fell on a Saturday- so it was so fun to have her party on her actual B-day!

Leading up to the party, people kept asking me what the “theme” was for the party… um… can “birthday party” be a theme!? haha. I didn’t have a theme per-se, but I did have a vision- RIBBONS… lots of them. I wanted to have one LONG table (I pretty much ALWAYS want one long table for parties) and I wanted to see lots of ribbons! I strung them up from the trellis to the house, and it created a colorful ceiling for our party! Other than the ribbons, we kept it simple, just a fabulous cake, family & friends, and obviously- some fun for the kiddos- in the form of a few toys, yard games (USC Corn hole) & we set the teepee set up in the yard with toys suitable for the littlest guests.   Steve & Danny crafted up a CUTE lemonade stand- that greeted people at the door, and some little “welcome” & “Everly” signs for the yard as well.     The lemons sprung up as a late mini-theme after we did her little mini shoot (scroll down for photo!).

IMG_6164  IMG_6166


Here’s the ribbon set up on the patio.


 The moose had to get some attention too.


Spare ribbons embellished the wall of the side yard.  And happy discovery while rearranging for the party table- the outdoor sectional fits amazingly in the side yard!


The guests enjoyed playing out side. There were bubbles, cornhole & music via Danny!  (I do think some people think we hired him as entertainment!  haha… thanks Danny!)

 IMG_6174 IMG_6177 IMG_6157IMG_6322  IMG_6321 IMG_6320 IMG_6319

The little guests got to take home pots & seeds to plant and bubble & toys too.  I wanted to do a potting table, so they could pot at the house, but then I worried no one would want o get messy- so they just got the parts to DIY it later!


Daycare made this paper crown!


and the best part of all parties- The DESSERT!



Have your cake… Everly seemed a bit overwhelmed at the cake smash- she didn’t quite know what to do with it, but with her fabulous Grandma & Nana showing her how it was done, (and a little spoon) she did give it a good smash. and maybe even got a little taste in.

IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_6187 IMG_6191 IMG_6323

We loved the ruffle cake, and her ruffle romper- I thought it tied in with the ribbons nicely- and she was the picture of Cuteness!

Everly LOVED the party & having all her favorite people over. So much so, that the next day- she kept crawling & opening the sliding door to head out to play with everyone again! Too bad they all had to go home! 🙂

IMG_6173 IMG_6196 IMG_6197

Earlier in the month we did a mini shoot for her “1 year” pics! She wore her ruffled birthday outfit- and out of the 100 or so photos the photographer sent us home with- she smiled in approximate 6. haha. But she had fun playing with the lemon and tolerated the headband long enough to snap the pics- so I’d call it a success!

Knollmiller 017.JPG

Happiest of 1st birthday’s to our little Everly. You are an amazing girl, and we’re so enamored & proud to be your parents!


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