Everly’s First trip to Disneyland!!

The Friday before her first birthday, mama, dada & grandma all took the day off & headed to the happiest place on earth- DISNEYLAND! Everly still couldn’t walk more that 2-3 steps- and hadn’t even watched any of the cartoons, so we weren’t quite sure what she’d think of Disneyland, but the magic kicked in instantly.

We had to shop for the “First Trip”  & “Happy Birthday” Buttons!

IMG_6067 IMG_6066

Everly was captivated. Just FASCINATED and loved looking and taking it all in. I was worried the rides might be scary- too dark, too much going on, but again I forget, Disney knows their little audience. Everly smiled & clapped her hands right on through the rides, (even the parts I think are spooky!) and LOVED watching the parade too- danced & smiled as they waved to her!

We managed a few character photo ops- the first was a impromptu Pluto visit- she loved his nose!


Then we went into Toontown & through Mickey’s house. I think she was fine meeting Mickey, but seeing the photographer and the full set up seemed a wee bit overwhelming.

IMG_6079 IMG_6102

First ride: the Carousel!, also got to enjoy it’s a small world, and the winnie the pooh ride.

IMG_6076 IMG_6077 IMG_6095

We played & napped, (napped in stroller with grandma watching, while Steve & I got to sneak in a big kid ride!).

IMG_6069 IMG_6075

Overall we all fully enjoyed the day- and headed home to rest up for the party the next day. Well, Everly got to rest, Mama & Dada got to clean & set everything up!


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