Steamie House

A sweet surprise from our photo shoot for Everly were all the little snippets of our house Kristin captured when she was here!  I wasn’t expecting it, but I really love seeing the bits of our house that seemed to have caught her eye!

First: The MOOSE.  the only item that adorns the wall above the couch in the family room.


This little corner of the dining room


The light fixture in our entryway (gee, someone should really dust that!)


Everly’s “E” on our book shelf in the study, along side a majong game from Shanghai and vintage construction books from my grandfather.


The little airstream piggy bank with our (hopefully, continually growing) collection of travel books


A fabulous coffeetable book, and rad photobooth pictures from my cousin’s wedding. (we call this one “the birds and the bees”).


A picture of my grandparents on the shores of lake Michigan rests in front of the Neutra book that Steve gave my on my birthday the first year we started dating.  He initially presented me with a bike pump in the beginning of the date, and just as he dropped me off at home- sprung this beauty on me.  That’s pretty much when I knew he was a keeper (and totally one to scheme up surprises!)


This little dachshund toy- I bought in Italy on our honeymoon!


The crib/mobile/triangles of the nursery- with our little nugget squirming away!


I love the images of our little family on our bed- and sneaking in the back our “head board” of frames collected from family and flea markets, we painted the same color as our wall.



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