Teeny Steamie- 3 month Photos!

After initially planning on a newborn photo shoot the week we got home from the hospital- we quickly learned that- just like how she crashed our yard party by showing up 3 weeks ahead of schedule, Everly had other plans for her pictures.  She rescheduled her pictures by refusing to eat AT ALL & crying all night before our 10am photo shoot.  In case you’re keeping score: Newborn- 2, Parents- 0.

So with the dates pushed back- it became a 3 month photo shoot!

 And just to make sure we still knew who was in charge, Everly ruled- refusing to smile while a camera was on her- but of course- she’s still adorable!

Here are some of our favorite shots.  Always hard to choose & not just show them ALL!

DSC_0936-2635745261-O DSC_0864-2635703921-O

DSC_0752-2635604346-O DSC_0741-2635596864-O

DSC_0788-2635635870-O DSC_0825-2635663886-O


 DSC_0903-2635729866-O DSC_0906-2635730005-O




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