May 2013

It’s kind of a blur post-baby arrival.  Those first few weeks are truly a blur of sleeping, feeding & soothing.  But in looking back at the pictures (hundreds of which are just of the little nugget herself) we did squeeze in a few other things, but mostly just time spent ogling and learning to be parents!  It is hard work, but so AMAZING to watch her grow each day.

Finishing touches on Everly’s room (hanging up the art work, and the cute banner from Steve’s office shower)

 IMG_9505 IMG_9509

Modeling cute outfits


Everly (& mama’s) first stroll around the neighborhood




This I call “A portrait of Motherhood”  Its 1pm, baby is finally sleeping in the bassinet, mama is still in PJ’s, and scarfing a burger someone picked up for her.


Play time (which at this point is just staring at high contrast objects)


First time in the baby carrier.


Visits with Auntie Amanda


Daddy’s first Stroll


First Walk to Brunch.  MMM… eggs benedict.

 IMG_9773 IMG_9775

First Trip to Palm Springs

 IMG_9787 IMG_9788

Happy Mothers Day!


First Grocery store trip!


First 5k! (just walking- still not cleared to Run!)


Reupholstered the Danish chair!


Lunch adventures with friends result in future imaginer onesie!


Mama color coded daddy’s closet.  Perhaps it’s dangerous leaving me home all day!


Lunch dates with Grandma & first stroll along the beach in Laguna.

 IMG_9993 IMG_9995 IMG_9997

Visiting the office… BORING!


Tiny Tummy Time

IMG_0010 IMG_0053

Sleep smiles are SO sweet!


First BBQ with friends in the new yard.


Trip to throw pottery with Mish!


First Smile for the camera.

2013-05-28 09.09.28

We could go ON & ON with the “first” but still- each on is SO exciting for us… and there’s still so many to go!  Team Steamie is enjoying parenthood immensely!


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