April 2013 (before Everly & After!)

April turned out to be a MUCH more exciting month than we had planned (see Everly’s arrival story Here).

I WAS hoping to stop working on the 12th & enjoy the rest of the month off before the may 2nd due date, but clearly that didn’t work out.   Before she showed up- this is what happened…

My office threw me a really spectacular baby shower- I was NOT expecting it at all, very sweet & thoughtful.


We picked up a new table & chairs for the patio- Like we needed MORE chairs to own.  But seriously- the green is so happy, and it fills the space perfectly- looking forward to using it this summer.


I tested both strollers, and miraculously they each fit in my trunk!  I also installed the car seat (which turned out to be just in time- I put it in the weds before Everly showed up that Friday!)

 IMG_9109 IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9117

This was the last “Bump” pic I snapped… didn’t make it to the 37 week picture!


The rest of the month was spent staring at THIS FACE!


We received so many beautiful flowers- it was so lovely around the house.


Everly showed up before Steve had his work shower- so we got these little gifts after she arrived, but that diaper cake was all the more appreciated now that we were in active diaper duty!  And Everly got to wear her Baby YAT shirt to amuse daddy’s co-workers too!

 IMG_9484 IMG_9485 IMG_9492 2013-04-28 14.08.18

We had lots of visitors in the hospital and to the house after we were home.  I didn’t’ get pics of everyone, but we really appreciated all the visits & the yummy food deliveries!  Thank you again to our friends & family who helped take care of us those first few weeks as a new family!

 IMG_9334 IMG_9421 IMG_9428


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