Teeny Steamie’s Room

With our little Teeny Steamie on well on her way, we had to get moving on prepping her room! SO excited to create a warm, fun space to welcome our little bundle to her home!

We relocated the book shelves out of the office… next up was to primer over the red walls.  (See red to grey here)


Bye bye Man Cave/Office- hello light & bright baby room! Some progress pics- Steve worked hard on that primer. But we called in a pro to finish the job once we were both worn out & it still needed covering!

Up went the curtains- and then I began work on the triangles!


The triangles were inspired by these decals... but I had a slightly different color scheme in mind, and with our NOT quite a square room- the proportions of the decals didn’t quite work.  So, I opted instead to paint the wall myself! It took many, many rounds of taping and painting- and the final result is SO happy!

Taping & color coding each spot:


filling it in:



Final product:


And while it took a while to arrive, the crib is finally here (still waiting on the dresser)-  Danny & Steve set it all set up for our little miss! Once the crib was in the elephant mobile promptly was hung as well.


I inherited this chair from my grandpa- and it’s been roaming with me from apartment to apartment- to finally our home. After many years in that lovely burnt orange/brown- for it’snew life in the nursery- I ordered this fabric, and worked with a local upholsterer to refresh the chair & ottoman. I’m SUPER in love with how it came out, and happy that it’s just as comfy- a perfect chair for nursing, napping, and hopefully future spot to read many many bedtime stories!


A quick trip to Ikea, and a not to quick attempt at assembling (the shelve may have sat half assembled for several days on our living room floor) I couldnt’ bend well to finish it- but once Steve stepped in to help it went together easily & we placed it in the corner & loaded with all the wonderful books & toy’s we received at the shower.


The nursery is coming together- now we just need the little lady to go in it!

(edit: after Steve’s office shower- I had to hang up the cute welcome banner they made! )



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