Steamie Yard- Progress



We officially kicked off the yard project!

Ready to bring us a new front and back yard- the landscaper started Tuesday afternoon.

Round one- clean out the existing (overgrown) planting.

We arrived home Tuesday night to a barren front yard!
I snapped some progress pics weds morning before work.  The front yard plants are mostly gone- and progress was being made in removing the ivy from the rear walls.



Here’s pics from Thursday morning-  a before & after on the back wall! 

 We had NO idea how short that wall really was- or that it had a step up.  We feel really exposed to the neighbors right now- but hopefully the new trees & trellis will help us feel more cozy again soon!


Thursday’s progress was all underground- they installed the gas & electrical lines, and filled the trenches back in- so it was back to a dirt lot!

Here’s the view this morning from the living room.  The trenches are all filled in- soon the planter & trellis will be in this very spot! 


 Today’s Friday, and when we left for work-  they crew was already working on installing the drainage, and prepping for the planter walls in the front & back yards.  Wood had arrived for the decks, and form work.  Will be amazing to have a deck and not a 2 foot step from the family room to the dirt below!

We already had one little snafu- there is apparently an easement in our side yard- 5 feet! SO that put the kabosh on our “L” shaped trellis in the back corner- but we’ve rebounded with an adjusted plan- and I think it will work out great. There will still be some posts with cables- but not a true “trellis” like we initially planned- but it should provide a great place to set up future tinkle lights and even grow some vines.

Stay tuned for more progress updates- I LOVE waking up each morning to see what’s been completed the day before (it’s dark out when we get home- so the morning brings surprises!)

Here’s hoping everything progresses in a timely manner- and before we know it we’ll get to have a fun BBQ party out there in our new space!


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