2 years of Rad.


We started the anniversary weekend by taking the subway from Downtown to the Pantages!   There, we enjoyed the musical “The Book of Mormon”.  It was surprisingly sweet- but still ridiculous, and entertaining.  We enjoyed the matinee with friends & then took the subway back to downtown to check into our hotel & celebrate our anniversary.


Two years of Rad for Team Steamie!
We hit up the “fire house” for happy hour- where the waiter couldn’t understand why we’d come for happy hour but I’d only order a water!  haha- when you don’t LOOK pregnant to the casual observer- it’s hard for people to understand these things.  We walked around downtown a bit- and then caved & drove over to the artist district for desert- PIE HOLE!  yum.



We then enjoyed the stay at the athletic club & our breakfast in the morning before heading home.   This was our second anniversary- and the second spent in downtown- sort of fun recreating our wedding weekend each year.
Then since technically our anniversary was on that Tuesday- we went out to dinner again!  This time close to home… love those veggie burgers at Houstons!


Hubby surprised me with Flowers…IMG_7545

And we got a few cute anniversary cards in the mail too:

These two years have been amazing, can’t wait to see what the upcoming years have in store for us!


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