Teeny Steamie…

so.. August brought us some exciting news…


We found out we were pregnant!  After confirming with the Dr… we started to tell our parents… but held off telling everyone else till we were a little further along.  Trust me, that is a hard secret to keep.  We were bursting with excitement, and of course, people kept inviting us places with cocktails- hard to hide that I was not partaking!  haha.  And don’t get me started on avoiding the roller coasters on that weekend spent at Disneyland!  haha.  But we made it, and at 12 weeks we shared the news with the rest of our family & friends.
Hopefully all will go smoothly, and you can check back for progress updates…. we’ll find out in decemeber if it’s a boy or a girl!  Ekk- then the tiny shoe purchases can commence!



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