Birthday time…

Growing up with a summer birthday conditioned me to NOT want to be inside all day on my day!  haha.  SO I took the day off & work & Steve did as well.
First- I headed for a run (who am I, never thought I’d wear that gear proudly on my b-day!?)


Then we headed down to laguna for a beach day.  We stopped by a vintage store in the canyon I always notice when driving by, but never have time to stop in!  Lots of really amazing furniture- but nothing the steamie house NEEDed. Though happily, right next door was a scooter shop, the only think I like to oogle more than vintage furniture- cute vespas!!


Once arriving in laguna, we parked & picked a cove to lounge the day away.  The waves were big, the sun was bright- all in all a perfect August day at the beach!  Weekday beach day’s are where it’s at (though work typically prevents mid- week beach enjoyment)! 
We did lunch a Nick’s & then hit the mall!  Steve bought me some lovely tops for my b-day.

IMG_7200 IMG_7204 IMG_7205 IMG_7208

That night we headed to dinner at Cocina Enoteca.  It’s like they’ve rounded up ALL the crafty & farm-to-table trends you could ever dream of, and piled them in one space.  And luckily for us, they also had some amazing pasta & pizza!


(have to love when my necklace matches the restaurant decor)IMG_7220

So- while not as festive as the big 30, ringing in 31 was still fun!


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