Dwell On Design

I’m always receiving emails to attend conventions, conferences etc. Usually they are work related, and usually I pass. The emails for Dwell on Design kept coming, and I pretty much ignored them, until the week before- I clicked to read more about the show, and what would be on display. There I learned at along with the continuing education courses offered, they had free consultations for professionals. Since the Steamie yard is still a dirt pit, and we recently learned the HOA required you to submit the names of all trees proposed- we were in need of professional help. This architect doesn’t know much about plants (especially not Latin names!).

With that- we signed up and set out for a day adventure to the LA convention center.  We were able to meet up with Alice (clearly a natural, un-posed photo)

We checked out the great booths with cute home items, the amazing outdoor area, the millions of bath fixtures that will never, ever be in our budget, and most importantly met with a very nice Landscape architect who looks at our photos of neighborhood trees & our yard plans and came up with a great plant list for us!!

Arriving early- and with an afternoon appointment- we were able to leave the convention center and grab lunch in Little Tokyo (mmm… ochoron), and follow up with a romp around the artists district with a stop for tea & cookies, and a little window shopping.

Happily headed home, armed with our plant list, we still had a little adventuring left in us- so we popped into The Bruery in Old Town Orange. We tasted their brews and I’m pretty sure we’ll be back! Love the Beer Cap Mural!





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