Up in the Air…

I’ve always loved flying. The anticipation of the upcoming trip, treats at the airport, seeing the world from 30,000 ft.

Then I started traveling for work… Experiencing the delayed flights, multiple connections, bumpy weather. It sort of takes the magic out of flying. Try flying with an ear infection- it’ll have you longing for a nationwide monorail system!

But for all it takes away, flying does give me time. During the time I spend trapped in a tube, flying through the air – I can read, day dream, sketch, sleep or… Write. I’m not a writer by any means, but sitting in airports or on planes armed with an iPad, I can catch up on emails, make lists and like today- update the Team Steamie blog!

So, pardon the typos, or the lack of formatting and photo editing, since many of these posts are drafted up with I’m zipping back and forth around the US with a roll of plans and work boots in my carry on.



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