Steamie Skiis (& boards!)

Being pros at visiting Park City for our annual ski trip, we know the first flight out of John Wayne will get us up to town around lunchtime! Usually we get settled in the condo & have pizza for dinner that first night. But NOT this year- for this seasons trip- we took advantage of the Quick Start promotion- where you take your boarding pass to the ticket window and get a same-day lift ticket- FREE! So we went from home directly to the slopes in a matter of hours. Nothing like a quick change into ski gear in the parking lot to make you feel like a real snow bunny! It was a GORGEOUS spring skiing day. Warm & sunny- but still lots of great snow.

Post skiing- we enjoyed happy hour margaritas! (Don’t worry- we still had pizza for dinner our first night in town, after all, it’s tradition!! )

Sunday- we checked out the shops on main street, and visited deer valley resort- as you can see it was unseasonable warm- and aside from the ski runs- there wasn’t much snow to be found. And while we like to curl up in a cozy chair with hot coco- even the hot coco was unseasonably bland in that warm sun!

Monday we skied the morning at the Canyons. Even with thier vast acres of runs- the snow was getting sparse. We managed to log several great hours until fatigue and slushy conditions sent us back down the hill. We officially packed up our ski clothes for the season after that. Back to main street we went. New to our trip this year was High West Distillery. We scoped it out earlier in the day- they do distillery tours and have great rustic decor. After dinner that night- we saddled up to their bar to order up our whisky flights. They have a fantastic whisky & chocolate paring. YUM!

Tuesday- with skiing not an otion, we moved to try some of Park City’s bike trails! We rented bikes at the surprisingly cool Silver Star Resort– the bike shop was small, but they outfitted us well for our day’s adventures. (And when we had a chain brake a mile out- they drove over to swap out the bike!) We rode the trail typically used for cross country skiing (Once the snow melts- biking takes over!). We stopped at the historic white barn, and I scoped out the exhibits of life in the olden days. Lets just say I don’t think I’d sleep well on that cot!

Wednesday we prepped to return home- one last bit of walking & exploring turned into a pit stop at back at High West (one for the road) then it was back to reality of home!




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