stick ons

So we’ve seen these awesome Bilk decals online before, but never thought much about how we could incorporate one into our house. But thankfully, Santa brought us a sweet Eames inspired decal for Christmas. We LOVED the pattern, but with the business of the new year, it took a while before we were able to put it up in the house.

Finally- I got an itch to install! Our dining room is a pretty cheery spot, lots of light, and a great table and chairs, but minimally decorated… Aka, lots of white wall space. I looked a the pattern, and the installation instructions and proceeded to tape the pieces on the wall. We let it sit for a day or two before actually peeling & sticking… Still unsure if we were ready to commit to such a bold addition.


The taped up pieces were fun, but paled in comparison to how awesome the decals actually look when fully applied. They really look like painted on designs.

It adds great color to the space, and does an excellent job of filling up the high wall, showcasing the volume of the room, (without being too dominant or over crowding).


Plus- it just looks pretty sweet with the pantone chairs!


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