Steamie weekend

This past weekend was full of some typical Steamie adventuring. Museums, french onion soup, piano bars and flea markets.

We headed up to LACMA to check out the Metropolis II exhibit. I’d heard good things about it, and we have a LACMA membership, so we put it to good use. Part of the fun of a kinetic sculpture is the that it only moves at certain times. So there’s heightened anticipation. We arrived in the room about 15 minutes prior to the action. It was mostly families (clearly 1100 matchbox cars attracts a kid crowd), we settled in up along the upper railing & waited patiently in the quiet room. Right on schedule a staff member climbed in to the center of the piece (to the cheers of the waiting crowd). He set the cars on those way! It was fun to try to trace the car along its route to figure out the circulation patterns. Once in motion the room was filled with the sounds of the cars, trains & trollies whizz ing on the tracks, but also the murmurs of the visitors. Everyone was pointing out what they discovered while watching. My favorite discovery was that the model trains had little working head & tail lights.

Here’s the piece from above:


Here’s Steamie waiting for the action:


We then headed to Doughboys for a comfort food dinner of French onion soup & pot pie.

Then off for a nightcap at the retro-fabulous Dresden Room. The lounge act has been performing 5 nights a week for decades, and they never fail to draw a crowd & create a festive evening.

The decor in the Dresden seems frozen in time, and I love it!


Sunday we were up & outta the house early to visit the Long Beach Flea Market. We were hoping for a sweet vintage furniture score, no such luck, but it’s always interesting & inspiring to roam the aisles… There are things to covet, be repulsed by, and mostly just pique your curiosity.



So far in 2012 we’ve visited the Irvine & Long Beach flea markets- but a pilgrimage to the Rose Bowl flea is in order! Maybe our future chairs are there waiting for us to discover them…


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