Steamie asks: Mozart or Beethoven?

The piano has moved!  Well, really that should read, the piano has moved, A LOT.   Starting it’s many moves with my grandparents, they then gifted it to me at age 12 or so-  which meant the piano’s travels then followed my mom’s moves.  Prior to her most recent move- the piano journeyed on over to it’s newest home-  the Steamie house!

The movers trucked it in, and set it up. It made a happy home in our living room.


Part of tackling to-do lists in early 2012- we finally got it tuned- and it sounds great!  The tuner even fixed the stuck key that, for years forced me to play songs an octave higher or lower to avoid striking the soft key.  (You can see the key is just a little lower than the others!)


But the real question isn’t  where has this piano been?, or how does it sound?  No,   the real question is WHO is this guy?!


how about close up:


This bust has sat atop this piano for as long as I can remember. And, for as long as I can remember, I’ve referred to him as Mozart.   Years of counting on Mozart’s watchful eye over the piano as I played scales, or practiced the Forrest Gump Suite endlessly.  Until recently, when in passing my mom mentioned that he’s Beethoven. What!? How could that be…

So a quick goole image search yields:



and Bach for good measure:

Ladies, they don’t make the fellas like they used to.  But from this deep historical research, and mostly just taking those flowing locks as our context clue, it’s gotta be Beethoven!

While I still might slip & call him Mozart, whoever he is, he still remains reigns atop the piano, a man of stately countenance.   Though unfortunately for him, sometimes Christmas happens, and then he wears an elf hat.



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