Fiberglass Shell Armchairs

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a history of design-geekery when it comes to chairs. I LOVE them.

One might think that we already have enough chairs for one little house. Or that Steve might tire of my chair focused decorating. However- it seems perhaps my chair interest merely sparked something inside him as well- since he recently took the chair collecting into his own hands! He came across someone selling 4 original Herman Miller manufactured Eames fiberglass shell arm chairs- a set of 4! After a quick spotting of them, he made an offer, and the next day I received this picture in a text message:



Some are in rougher condition- overall they’re totally useable piece of the 60’s!  We’re exctied to give them a little TLC & disperse them throughout the house.  For now we have them lined up in the front room- and the colors are fantastic in there.

I’m totally enjoying Steve’s enthusiasm for one my my favorite items.  It’s been so fun to fill our house with goodies together- and this find is proof I’m not the only one around here who’s gone chair crazy!


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