Merry [Steamie] Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Team Steamie!

For those not yet in the know; Steve + Jamie = Steamie

We are so thankful for this past year & look forward to the upcoming holidays with the greatest of cheer!

We’re excited to be able to visit with our family & friends, to deck the house with our (now) standing tradition of two Christmas trees & lights galore.

It’s crazy to think we’ve already wrapped up our first year & are well into year two… time to count our second christmas as a married couple.  The year of firsts was so special, we got excited for each “this is our first married…. [fill in the holiday/activity]”  But it’s kind of fun to be onto our second; and seeing what will become a tradition for us and what other new adventures we can come up with.

If you are curious of what we’ve been up to in the past year & since the wedding- rather than a recap in this post- just scroll on back through the archives for some of the many highlights of our Steamie Life!  Granted- the blog might be a little biased toward projects & furniture (I can’t help myself sometimes!) but there’s plenty of travel, parties & just random updates too.

But first- here’s a little behind the scenes on the making of our Christmas card!

First- design a mock up:

Then mass produce:

Then mail to all our favorite people!

Merry Christmas! 


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