Gallery Wall

Throughout the course of my ongoing blog reading… I came across an image of a beautiful wall with painted borders surrounding art work. This inspired me to sketch something similar as an idea for our long (empty) hallway. I had a vision of a simple border, that would add a little flair to the hall… defining the space a bit (and hopefully take the focus off the only two elements currently on that wall- the thermostat controls and the return air grill.) We needed a little flavor on our vanilla hall.

First I measured, then taped and lastly … painted.




Then is was just a question of what to do with the space defined inside the border. At first I just planned to hang the collection of frames and photos we already had (from out collection of un-hung frames in the garage)… but then, after brainstorming a bit with Steve, and clearly inspired by numerous gallery wall images from sources like Pinterest… we decided to do a more curated gallery style wall. A Black Friday coupon for Arron Bros came in handy as we picked up 11 black frames (multiples of 3 different sizes). Learning from some online tutorials, I cut out paper in the sizes of the frames to do some test layouts on the wall… one we found a pattern/y we liked it was very easy to hang up the frames.



It has been a fantastic addition to the hall. It’s livened up the space, and will be a great way to display a rotating collection of our favorite images.



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