Club 33 [Overbooking… Steamie Style]

For my birthday- one of my gifts was a trip to Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33 restaurant. Through his Kiwanis club- Steve was invited to attend a brunch there on October 9th. Knowing my deep rooted love of Disneyland- he knew we couldn’t pass up this chance. Since you have to be invited by a member, it’s rare to get in, and I’ve always wanted to check it out. There was ONE small flaw in the timing- the brunch was set for the SAME DAY as the Long Beach 1/2 marathon we’d already signed up for months prior.

Luckily for us- we’re crazy. Well… *hopefully* not too crazy, but just crazy enough to go big and honor both our commitments on the same day… even though it required some creative time saving solutions (hmm… how can we run 13.2 miles and then fit in a shower AND still make it to brunch on time).

First we got up at 4:45 am to get to the race course and get a great parking spot. We proceeded to nap in the car for almost an hour until we had to head out in the cold to get ready for our start time. The Long Beach course is a really pretty run… the sun came up while we were starting out… we ran on the freeway, up and over the bridge towards the Queen Mary, around the island, and back along the beach and then up and through downtown to the finish line. The beach was sunny and warm, and it is so cool to see that many people packed along the board walk. It’s also so full of energy it really pushes you to keep going when you’re starting to think thoughts like, “who’s idea was this” and “did I really PAY to wake up early and run this far?”… I never thought I’d enjoy running- but these big races are a really enjoyable time.

Sun rising over the Starting Line…


Though, when we passed the signs reading “this way for 1/2 marathon, that way for full” I was terribly thankful that I was in the 1/2, and have huge respect for the crazies athletes who tackle that full 26.2 miles!

These Feet carried me 13.1!


As I reached the finish line, I checked my watch- seeing I made it within the window that would enable our timely arrival to Club 33! I found Steve at the car (where he had already showered camping style in the parking lot) and we headed to Anaheim! We were thankful again, for our early arrival and our parking space right by the exit… since LB was packed with marathoners- our strategic escape really made a big difference in our overbooked adventure.

Part of our creative showering solutions- we stopped at the Anaheim garden walk 24 hour fitness- for a quick shower for me! This was the first time I’ve ever arrived at the gym a sweaty mess, and left shiny and clean!

We parked & rode the shuttle to Disneyland,, picked up our tickets and literally RAN (really, more running today?) through the park to Club 33! We were greeted warmly and given champagne and a tour! The restaurant is very traditional and cozy- with loads of art and displays from all era’s of Disneyland on the walls. My favorite part was getting out on the balcony and looking down on the park from a new vantage point. Our waiter gave us lots of inside Disney trivia, and the buffet kept us all busy. I hated to think it took me 2.5 hours to burn all those calories in the morning and probably one trip to the dessert bar to replenish them- but of course- it was totally worth it!

Just some of the many fabulous desserts…


We had a special visitor…


Many charming critters joined us for dinner…



Out on the Patio with our Champagne!


Mickey & Pluto both made an appearance for brunch…




View down the Hall to the Bar & Buffet…



Enjoying the deck…


More Dessert shots…


and last, but not least… Pirates!



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