Steamie in Arizona

Over Memorial Day weekend Team Steamie took advantage of that extra day off & planned a little road trip.  We ventured out to fabulous Scottsdale, Arizona for an architectural pilgrimage and some mid-century modern fun.

Why Scottsdale?  Well simply put- Frank Lloyd Wright.  Upon realizing that Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wrights Home/Studio/School) was  located just outside of Scottsdale, and that it’s really only a 5 hour drive from home- we figured it’d be a great mini adventure.   I love an architectural tour, and Steve is a great trip planner & schemed this up for us!

Taliesin West was really a fun tour.  The tour guide was knowledgeable & informative (not like the tour guide at the Hollyhock house who didn’t know the term “door jamb”). She gave great tidbits about both the architecture (the building orientation for views, and the concrete made to showcase the local rocks embedded in its walls) and the juicy stuff (like which mistress made Mr. wright add glass to the open air living room).  We got to go inside the buildings many wings & theaters, and explore the grounds (in the 100 degree heat no less!).

Of course the stop at the bookstore brought THIS home with us…  MOXIE.  Which satisfies my giddiness for all things dachshund, as well as rekindles my want to visit Fallingwater!

After our tour- we headed over to check into Hotel Valley Ho.   Built in the 50s, and recently restored & improved the Hotel is a mid-mod gem.  The pool was packed with beautiful party goers, bartenders & a great DJ.   We got there a bit early, so first we toured “Old Town” Scottsdale, which is very similar to other Old Towns (San Diego, Sacramento) in that there are some quaint storefronts, but they are packed with expensive art galleries- or touristy tchotchkes.  Still a nice walk in the warm sun, made us appreciate the cool retro hotel lobby even more!  We then lounged with cocktails in the lobby while our room was prepped, and planned our evening adventures.

We finally got to check into our room- as we opened the door we were in for a surprise!  We got the “Loft” which is essentailly a luxury apartment overlooking the pool!  Steve’s took one step in & enquired, “Where is the bed?”, my repsonse, ” Uh, I think it’s DOWNSTAIRS” We had a downstairs!

And that yellow kitchen.  *wants*

After exploreing, photographing & lounging a bit in our amazing room, we headed downstairs to Trader Vics for happy hour!  Awesome appetizers & killer Mai Tais.

We came back & used out VIP passes to the pool.  The party was still going strong with the DJ & the party people- clearly a little bit of Vegas in Scottsdale!

Then we cleaned up for dinner (hello to fabulous Spa tub & Rain Shower!) and set out for an evening stroll.  The weather started feeling good & we scoped out shops & restaurants on our way toward the river.

We had drinks & dinner at Olive & Ivy– a really neat little restaurant overlooking the river.  We sat a a neat bar that faced the kitchen- so cool to see the cooks whipping up all the delicious meals.  It really makes you want to try every dish!

The next morning we brunched by the pool and then hit the road home with a detour to Palm Desert to take a vacation from our vacation before heading back home.


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